Account locked for "fraud investigation", no idea how to unlock it, what fraud, or when investigation will be complete

    My account has been locked due to possibly "fraudulent activity", after I returned from a trip to Mexico two days ago. I've visited a t-mobile store and spoken with a representative on the phone, both of whom said there's nothing I can do to reactivate my phone until an investigation is completed by the "legal department". No way was provided to contact the legal department, and no clear answer as to when the investigation will be completed. The representative said that the investigation is because my phone may not have been purchased from "an authorized t-mobile dealer". I bought my phone new, not refurbished, and as far as I know the store I bought it from was authorized; if the store wasn't, why in the hell did t-mobile let them activate my account? if this is not resolved within the next day--and by resolver, I mean my telephone service restored--I'm canceling my service and moving over to Verizon. T-mobile clearly is a Kafkaesque bureacracy without any accountability or interest in basic customer service. Furthermore, i will share my story of t-mobiles ineptitude with every online outlet i can to make sure future customers choose another provider.

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      • dragon1562

        You need to work with the T-force team on a issue like this since it is account specific and no one on this public forum can access your account. They should also be able to provide the information you need. Contact Us


        If I had to take a guess of why this happened it may have been abnormal usage. I generally like to let card companies and carriers know when I travel outside the country from day 1 to say day 7 to play it safe. However, its just a guess and I am just a customer so I do not know for sure. There is also the possibility that someone tried posing as you and doing the port out scam among others. Again though contact support, verify who you are, and they should be able to help you. May have been a blessing in disguise