My final bill has a fake $20 charge tacked on... How do I get it removed so I can pay my final bill?


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    I had more than 1 year of cell phone service from T-Mobile and I was a model customer. I always paid my bill on time and my account was always in good standing. Then this year I decided to have my service disconnected and things got weird. I was interrogated at length about why I wanted to disconnect my service but I managed to get it disconnected during that call. When I called to pay my final bill through the automated service I discovered that my bill was $20+ dollars more than it was supposed to be! I spoke to a representative and she refused to remove the tacked on charge, claiming I made calls to and I quote "Mexico or Canada" which is untrue. I haven't made even ONE out-of-the-USA call in my ENTIRE T-Mobile call history. I asked to speak to a manager but the rep wouldn't let me. She claimed she'd talked to one and they said it was a charge that should be there. In my over 1 year of service with T-Mobile I never made a single call to Mexico or Canada or anywhere else outside of the United States. I only called locally, toll free and California - that's it. So I tell T-Mobile to disconnect my service and when I call to pay my final bill, suddenly there's an extra $20 charge? This is ridiculous and untrue and because the rep refused to rectify the mistake/glitch/fake tacked on charge, I politely got off the phone and that was that. It's been a bit over a month now. How can I have this fake charge removed so I can pay my bill without the $20+ charge that shouldn't be there?

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        Oh no! Sorry to hear you're leaving the family. Sorry to hear even more that you're having billing issues. That's definitely not the T-Mobile way. Here on this support for, it's comprised mostly of fellow T-Mobile customers and a few moderators. None of whom will have access to your account, so we wouldn't be able to check and see what's going on with the bill.


        I'd recommend trying to get in contact with the T-Force support team, either via Twitter or Facebook, as they have a secure channel to verify your account, and would be able to look in detail as to what's going on with that final bill.


        You can find T-Force on Facebook here: T-Mobile - Home | Facebook and via Twitter here: T-Mobile (@TMobile) | Twitter . The other option of course is to contact customer care by calling in. If you still have a T-Mobile branded device you can call from it using 611, or you can call 1-877-453-1304 from any phone to get in touch with them.