MLB At Bat app still using my monthly high speed data allotment


    Apparently the commercial breaks during baseball games use around .08GB per commercial break.  (I just got off the phone with tech support who was monitoring my data usage while I had the MLB app running.)  If a game has 15 commercial breaks that's 1.2GB used of my monthly 6GB of high speed data.  Last year, the MLB At Bat app used none of my monthly high speed data, not even during commercial breaks.

    Is there new fine print this year?

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      • magenta4526461

        Same here. Customer support said that the app must not be free, that you have to stream through the website, which does not work.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, magenta4508531!


          That's the first I've heard of the commercials using data through the MLB At Bat app. Have you changed your plan since last year? Do you still have Binge On enabled? Lastly, when you worked with Tech Support, did they file a ticket with Engineering regarding the data usage?

            • magenta4508531

              Hi Amanda.  Thank you for the response; I appreciate it.  I have not changed plans since last year.  I still have the Simple Choice 6GB Plan which includes Binge On.  I have Binge On enabled.  But no, Tech Support did not create a ticket.  A ticket ended up being unnecessary.


              In the last two days I jumped into a thread with someone else having the same issue.  We did get a response in the discussion from a TMobile representative that watching games on the At Bat app do not dip into my high speed data. However, the commercials i.e. advertisements do.  Here's a copy and paste from "internal documentation" shared by tmo_chris:


              Since there is a bit of confusion as to what type of data counts
              towards your high-speed and what type does not, I will paste directly from our
              internal documentation.


              Only video streamed is included as part of Binge On. The
              following data is not included:

              • Data used to load and browse content on streaming
                     provider apps and websites
              • Downloading video content for offline viewing
              • Viewing advertisements that stream prior to, or during,
                     your selected video’s playback


              Also, the specific device you are watching the video on matters
              as well and how you are watching it.


              So Tech Support was correct in that he noticed my high speed data was being used during commercial breaks.  A normal 9-inning game with various pitching changes can have approximately 20-breaks.  So, that's about 1.6GB of my data used right there.  (Approximately 0.08GB was calculated by Tech Support to be used during a commercial break while he was monitoring my usage over the phone.)  If I keep watching games on the MLB At Bat app I'll be out of high speed data in much less than a week.  So, without an unlimited plan I can't Binge On for very long.  This is an unfortunate situation.


              I 100% got the correct answer as to why my high speed data was being used in the MLB app.  But as you can imagine, its not at all a solution to the issue many of us are having.  Thank you.

              • barcodeable

                tmo_chris have already explained this issue in detail on another post... advertisements (including commercials) prior, during and/or after your video stream are not included with BingeOn.


                MLB At Bat is using my data

              • tmo_amanda

                Thanks so much for getting back to me and thank you barcodeable for the link to the thread. I apparently didn't get the memo but greatly appreciate you both of calling it out. magenta4508531, I totally understand and we're happy to pass the feedback along as we know not everyone is unlimited data plans.