Account Cancellation due to coverage issues




         I would like to give you a little back story so it may help understand my problem. I have been a T-Mobile customer for approximately one year. I came over to T-Mobile from AT&T due to not having service at my new home. I went into my local T-Mobile store which is approximately 45 miles from my home to start my families service. At that time I was informed by the T-Mobile representatives that coverage in my area was minimal, but to rest assured that over 100 new towers were slated to be constructed in my area over the following several months which would greatly improve my coverage (Which was a Lie!!). It has now been over those several months and my service hasn't improved at all.  I have to use my WIFI at home and at work because my coverage SUCKS!!! I had to purchase four new devices when I switched over because the devices I had were not supported. I want to Cancel my service so I can switch to a company that does have coverage in my area.  The problem is that I still owe a total of $936.00 (9 payments of $26.00 on each of my four devices) on these devices and I was just informed that these devices are not supported by the carrier I would like to switch to.


    My Question is: Can I surrender these devices over to T-Mobile and receive credit towards my account for the remaining balance I owe?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, magenta4507888!


        Welcome to our Support Community! It's a bummer that we're meeting on these terms but I understand that coverage in the two places you spend most of your time is a must. I'm sorry the coverage in your area hasn't improved when a store representative told you otherwise. Have you talked with our Tech Support folks about this yet? They'd be able to see if future enhancements are actually on the way and if/when the new towers will be online. To answer your question - no, the devices cannot be returned for a credit if the account is being canceled or a trade-in towards an upgrade is happening. My best piece of advice for the devices would be to look at selling them.

        • vhareesh

          I have posted a tweet a week ago for a coverage disruption. The location is north georgia premium outlets, which is obviously not a deserted place. Its a an outdoor shopping area with hundreds of branded stores. I could not find signal , make or receive calls at all. there was absolutely no signal whatsoever. Whats the fiing point in switching from ATT to T-Mobile, just to save billing $$s. I really like T Mobile but the coverage is inferior to say the least. who can assist me ? I can take a local T mobile rep along with me there to show and prove my point !!