Recurring Login Issue after switching from single Prepaid line to No Credit Check 10GB with 2 lines


    I've been encountering recurring login issues with my account in which I'm able to always login to my account, however, the following screen asks to register a phone number to the account even though there was a number associated with it.


    Message right after I login with correct credentials: The application you are trying to access requires a phone number. Please add a phone number to proceed.


    Error message when trying to register my phone number: Please verify your 10 digit T-Mobile phone number is correct.


    This issue originally started within about 2 weeks of converting my account from a single Prepaid line to a 2 line No Credit check 10GB account in which I have been the "primary account holder" for both accounts.


    The person who has the 2nd line is able to login to their account without any issues, although they get the prompt asking to have someone setup as the Primary Account holder even though I was setup as the Primary Account Holder when the account was originally created.


    I have gone to the same Corporate T-mobile store twice over the past month in which the first time a ticket was opened with Customer Care in which it was sent up to engineers to fix my account in which I was able to login with my credentials and not get prompted for entering my valid phone number for about 2-3 before the same thing happened in which my credentials are accepted but my phone number is getting pulled from my account and will not allow me to add it again saying the phone number is not a valid t-mobile number.


    The second time I went to the Corporate Store, they reached out to Customer Care again but this time made a different adjustment as it sounded like the issue was due to my account being in a "broken" state of being like the t-mobile one account which it's not and the no credit check account which is a prepaid type account and this allowed me to access my account and my account looked different than before.


    This worked fine for a couple of days before the same thing happened again in which I can login to my account but will not allow me to register my phone number as the Primary Account Holder.


    Would it be possible to have my entire t-mobile profile wiped clean including anything related to my account when it was prepaid to what my account currently is so that I can create a completely new profile as the repairs to my account seem to only be a band-aid as I'm able to login to my account for a couple of days before my profile breaks again.


    Any information or suggestions that can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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