Why so many excuses???


    I ordered my S9 on the 19th.  I signed my contract and paid the fees and taxes.  I received an email with the documents and paid status the same day.  I was told my order would ship by the 21st of March.  On the 21st my order was still processing so I reached out to customer service.  I was told that they guaranteed my order to ship by the end of the day on thr 21st and a tracking # would be available.  On the 22nd still no tracking number so I contacted CS again.  I was told my order was ready to go and awaiting UPS to pick it up at the warehouse and a tracking # would be available by the 23rd.  On the 23rd I called and got the exact same excuse but I should rest assured that my issue has been resolved and the order would truly ship that day guaranteed and would be delivered by Wednesday.  Today I used the chat feature and I was told that my credit card declined and that is rhe reason i haven't received my phone and now because T-mobile couldn't process a payment my phone is back ordered.  I contacted my bank and they said that was untrue.  T-mobile captured the funds and held them for 7 days but never pushed the charge through.  I have more than enough money to cover the charge and I had paid off a phone to t-mobile a week prior using the same card with no problems.  I called customer service and they told me that there were no declined charges but all of the phones are on back order and told me.to check the website which gives delivery time if I order today., Which iwould be shipping within the next 3 days.  T-mobile gives excuse after excuse so they don't have to deal with the customer and they leave it for the next rep to deal with the customer.  I wanted to go to the store and pick up a phone but I was told the stores do not have them in stock and I had to order via the website.  My neighbor who is a t-mobile customer purchased hers at a store last Friday.  So much for not being in stock at stores.  After 15 years with T-mobile i feel like we should get better service and a bit of honesty from the company.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Why so many excuses???

        Ouch, magenta4494408. I agree that this experience could definitely have gone better.
        When we take an order for a device, we do a temporary charge to verify the payment method is valid, but like many current online retailers we don't complete the charge until we have an order ready to ship. When there are issues with a payment method, we do our best to reach out via SMS or email and let you know ASAP to reach out to us so that we can re-attempt the charge. It doesn't sound like you received any notice of this kind, and in addition to that based on the information you were provided by your financial institution and our frontline today, it seems more likely that we misinformed you in chat. That creates a super confusing and unfortunate customer experience, which is definitely not our aim.

        If you'd like to reach out to a team with account access online so that we can confirm the matter is an unexpected back-order -- which, while inconvenient an frustrating at least does not require any action on your part -- and not an issue with the payment, I highly recommend our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook. We have a secure platform to verify your account in those channels and can take another look for you.

        We're very sorry for the conflicting information you've received thus far, and for our part appreciate the time you've taken to outline your experience and provide this feedback. You're 100% correct that we should all be on the same page when providing our customers with information, and we definitely missed an opportunity to provide you with that in this situation.

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            Re: Why so many excuses???

            Thank you Marissa for your quiclk response.  I reached out to CS  sgain and I was helped by a very nice and helpful agent named Candace.  She was able to find the issue right away and she got it resolved.  She cancelled my original order and re-placed the order and it fixed the problem.  She was able to waive all fees associated with placing the order with customer service and according to the website my order shipped next day air.  I am glad the issue was resolved I just wish it had been fixed earlier.  Thank you again for reaching out.




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