How to redeem T-Mobile Tuesdays offer on MLB.TV


    You can't login or register at MLB.TV with your T-Mobile Tuesdays phone number. There is no entry field to do that.

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      • drnewcomb2

        There's a consolidated thread for this topic.

        1. You have to use the T-Mobile Tuesday app, which produces a special link to register.
        2. Make sure your browser has any pop-up blockers turned off.
        3. The password can only contain the letters a-z,A-Z and numerals. No punctuation or special characters. 
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        • tmo_amanda

          Hey, magenta4500869!


          You'll want to make sure you followed these steps to claim your MLB.TV subscription:


          1. Click “VIEW” on the MLB.TV offer tile featured on the T-Mobile Tuesdays home screen, which will take you to the offer detail page
          2. Click “CLAIM”, which will take you to the redemption page
          3. Click “REDEEM”, which will push you out of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app and take you to’s MLB.TV registration page, specifically for this T-Mobile offer (you will not be asked to pay)
          4. If you already have a account, complete the “Returning Customers” section and click “Login”
          5. If you do not have a account, complete the “Register” section and click “Register”
          6. You will then be routed to the confirmation page
          7. Click “WATCH NOW” to enjoy your free MLB.TV subscription!


          Please let me know if that did the trick!

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            • jgoette

              Hi Amanda,


              I'm following the instructions in the app, but when I click redeem, it opens a page in Firefox, fails to load, and says "The page isn't redirecting properly". Cookies are enabled and pop up blockers are off. When I look in the TMo Tusday app, it says MLB TV has been redeemed, however I am unable to log in. Not sure what I should do...

              • magenta4501142

                It's still not working.  I did all the steps.  I didn't get a link to MLB.TV to register.  I have been trying again, but the TMOBILE APP says it's already REDEEMED.  This is really frustrating and a lot more difficult to complete then it should be.  Did anyone test run this before the offer started?  I think now I'm out of the chance to get this offer.  How frustrating.  Seems I'm not the only one with issues.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Hey, magenta4501142! What kind of device are you using? There isn't really a "link", per se -- when you open the app and tap CLAIM, then REDEEM, it should open a secure MLB signup page in your default browser (we have had some reports from users that FF wasn't working with this!).

                    I archived your other post because I noticed you'd commented on this thread. Additionally, I'm going to lock this thread going forward -- drnewcomb2 is correct that we're trying to keep all posts on this topic consolidated in one place so that community members can benefit from each other's questions and answers. That said, we know this is a huge deal that many baseball fans look forward to! If you're still having trouble, is there any way you'd be able to share some screen shots of what you're seeing in the app and what happens when you tap "redeem"? Please post them on the thread we're keeping active here: MLB.TV offer. Thank you!