Store feedback, CdM, CA store


    I'm completely disappointed in the assistance that I was provided at store 420d in Corona del Mar,  CA)


    After purchasing what I believed was a hotspot that I could travel with and receive the Wi-Fi connection anywhere on March 5th, as the sales associate explained and assured me, only a mere 20 days later, that I've been completely and utterly refused to redeem a non opened, unused, completely intact product and refund service on a never used service, essentially we have cost them nothing, they refused to exchange this for money or even a bill credit, and I possessed the original receipt from which we purchased it.


    While I don't agree with it, I do see why companies would enforce a 14 day return policy with used or damaged products. But to Simply put a box back on the Shelf or turn off the bill for a service that cost their infrastructure nothing literally, it seems your sales associate, who was there for not only the original purchase but for the return attempt as well, commission of a couple dollars completely excuses any attempt at presenting good customer service or simple decency to prevent someone making and now $240 committed fee I am now obliged to maintain. Their manager who's condoning such sales tactics merely offered that I come in Monday to which he already reassured me would be a waste of my time.


    I'm posting this to just paint the picture of the level of customer service you can expect not from just T-Mobile as a whole but their Orange County corporate policy.