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    hi I recently purchased S9 with the trade in promotion I traded in my s6 and the rep at the store stated that I would get 25 dollars credit that i could use to apply for the phone taxes. and that I would get the remaining 175 on monthly installments with the promo going on. he was in a rush to get us out the door as the store was closing so all the paper work he filled out he just tossed into our bag. once getting home i seen it says we accepted to receive only the 25 dollars for the phone which is not what we had agreed upon. the only reason I did a trade in was for the 200 dollar promo. how can I resolve this issue would I need to go back to the store for them to fix since they have my old device?

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        Hey there! Congrats on the S9! That's a fantastic new device.


        For getting this resolved, you have a couple of different options in how you can contact T-Mobile. You could try going back to the store, and see if they can get it fixed for you. Or you can contact customer care by dialing 611 from your phone, or chat with them through the T-Mobile website. You can also contact T-Mobile's T-Force, via Facebook or Twitter, and they may be able to help you as well.


        Here on the forums, we have no direct access to your account, and no way to securely verify it so we have no way of looking up and of the required information help get this straightened out. But worry not, contact the teams through any of the above methods, and they'll do everything they can to help you get everything squared away.