Why can't I make calls using wifi calling when I am away from home?


    I am not too sure I understand this wi-fi calling and cellular network calling. I have really good Wi-Fi service at home and it works at home but the problem is as soon as I walk 20 feet away from my house, I cannot make calls on the Wi-Fi setting. Can I just leave it on cellular network? I'm not too sure I understand this. I thought Wi-Fi calling was the best? Please advise. Thank you

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      • magenta4486661

        I've been with T-Mobile for 12 years and just purchased a new phone last week. I don't remember what the settings were on my other phone but I'm 99% sure it was on Wi-Fi setting. What is it with my new phone that is giving me these issues? I didn't have these problems on my old LG phone. I need some advice please. Thank you


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        • dragon1562

          WiFi calling is just a method to provide service, when normal cellular technology can not reach. WiFi calling will only work when you are connected to a WiFi connection. So when you are a way from home there is no WiFi available to connect to and the phone will use the network instead. WiFi calling is not necessarily better unless you live in a low coverage area. I hope that helped answer your question.


          I wanted to add that you can still connect to other WiFi connections like say at a restaurant and the feature should still work.