Emails on Galaxy S9+


    When I bought the Galaxy S9+ all info was transferred from my S6 edge.  After the transfer to the S9 my emails were still signed with my first name and the line about "....being sent from my Galaxy S6...."  I deleted my signature on the S9+ and then added my first name to eliminate the line about being sent from the S6.  When I send emails now, the S9+ does not add the line about the " is sent from my Galaxy S9+......."  Is that not done any more?  I transferred to T Mobile from AT&T.  Was it just an AT&T thing?  Does T Mobile not add that line on emails?  It was handy because it alerted people that I was on my phone and not at my computer.  I suppose I could add it in myself, but I'm looking for help.  Answers???  Thanks!

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