S8+ Unlock Woes - Help me Magenta, you're my only hope.


    Magenta, last year I purchased a Samsung S8+ from t-mobile.com. This was a pre-order that was paid in full at time of order. That phone was my wife's primary device up until 3/13/18 when she received an unlocked Samsung S9+ that we pre-ordered through Samsung. With that said, this phone should easily pass muster when it comes to unlock eligibility (paid in full, used 40 days on network, not reported stolen/lost/etc)...but it doesn't. All attempts to permanently unlock the phone via the TMO unlock have failed. The app responds stating the device is not eligible.


    In the past two weeks I have called into customer support 3 or 4 times to get this resolved. Today I called again. It was the same song and dance of having to repeat myself and having the CSR clearly repeating steps that their peers have done during previous call-ins. At the conclusion of my call today, I was left with the new revelation that the issue will have to be escalated and it will take 3 or more weeks. Given that I had to repeat about how I purchased this phone through the t-mobile website and that it was paid in full, I don't get a warm fuzzy that after 3 weeks this will be resolved.


    So, here I am; A loyal, long-time TMO member who can't gift this S8+ to their kid, who is on a different carrier (bad T coverage), because Magenta can't seem to figure out how to unlock my phone. Ya know, that thing they are legally bound to do if all requirements are satisfied? I'm left with my own internet sleuthing and come up with a lot of resolutions regarding getting the IMEI added into TMO's "device distribution inventory system". See this XDA post where someone talks about their experience which is similar to mine. https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=72483309&postcount=10


    At the end of the day, I just want resolution and not get the same lip service everytime I call in. Help me Magenta, you're my only hope.

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