T-Mobile Prepaid Phones - Tax Amount Increased!


    I refilled my T-Mobile prepaid (pay as you go - legacy) phone.  I added $10 to my phone account which gives me an additional 35 minutes added which will expire in one year for gold members.  I used to only pay the NYS tax (8.875%), therefore on a $10 refill, you would think the total with tax should've been $10.89.  Something changed, I was charged an additional $1.20, making the tax amount $2.09.  The total refill amount paid was $12.09.  I had to find out why.


    After being bounced around by 5 different T-Mobile reps, I managed to speak with a payment supervisor (in U.S.), she (Katie) indicated that there were two additional "flat rate" charges (included in tax) which were added effective 12/1/17.  They are as follows:  PSCS STATE = $0.90 & LOCAL PREPAID WIRELESS = $.30 .


    Has anyone else experienced this change in their prepaid tax amount recently?  Where is this stated with the amounts listed above on the website?  I don't like to be surprised, they should've highlighted all charges up front and not lump under "TAX" without supporting details.

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