$30 for a sim card?


    I am a current customer and was charged $30 for a new sim card today at the store.  Not only was the woman quite rude when I requested one she scoffed at me when I questioned the charge.   Is this really the charge for a piece of plastic for current customers?   My company lines with Sprint charge ZERO for a new sim card.

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      • gramps28

        Re: $30 for a sim card??!!

        If you are a current customer it depends on what the reason you're needing a new sim.

        The most I've seen for new sim is $20. Did you go to a 3rd party or corporate store?


        I've always been lucky and haven't been charged but I go to a corporate store.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: $30 for a sim card?

          $30 does seem a bit high. Where specifically was this store?

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: $30 for a sim card?

            Hello, magenta3123067!


            I just wanted to swing by to see if you had more info on where you were seeing a charge for $30 for a SIM.  We do have SIM activation kits that are $25 which include the following:

            • Authentication on the T-Mobile network
            • Security features for wireless transmission
            • SIM Card Lock – a unique feature to secure SIM transmission
            • Flexibility – swap your SIM to a compatible new device whenever you want


            However, a SIM by itself should not be running $30. A SIM activation kit is only needed when there's a new account activation or you're adding a line to an existing account. From time to time, we'll have deals on SIM activation kits as well.