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    Need some help with the new Galaxy S9 keyboard and Android Messaging app when sending a text.  I'll do this in steps, so hopefully this explains it well enough...


    Part I

    1.  Click on Android Messages to send a text.

    2.  Click on an Individual (or group) to text.

    3.  Cursor shows up in the "Text message" line to type

    4.  Click on that empty space and keyboard comes up to type message or do other things

    5.  Click on the button to left of space bar that houses multiple keyboard tools

    6.  If you hold that button, multiple tool options appear (speaker, emoji's, settings, gif, etc)

    7.  I can't find a "tool" for Gallery or Pictures like was available on my Galaxy S7 to choose a pic from the Samsung Gallery App.

    Tried everything to find, change tools, etc and nothing.  I prefer the Samsung Gallery format over Google Photos.  I've completely removed Google Photos.


    Part II (Can I change this or lead me to "Gallery" with one click?) (Android Messages app)

    1.  To the left of the "Text message" line, there is a + sign

    2.  Click on the + sign and it removes keyboard and shows a bunch of options (Emoji's first, Stickers second, then Photos)

    3.  The 3rd option is for Photos/Camera

    4.  Click on Photo Icon and it takes you to a full screen of "Choose Photo" and you see what I believe is a Google "Gallery" and a bunch of your pics, but I don't want that, I want it to go to the Samsung "Gallery" because I like their format better.

    5.  I can do 3 more clicks and eventually get to the Samsung "Gallery", but it's a PITA and too many steps.

    Any way to change this?


    I could definitely have either one of these setups using Android Messages on my Galaxy S7 and think it might be a Settings and/or Default App thing, but can't for the life of me find anything wrong or to change to make this appear to my liking.  Pulling my hair out.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


    PS.  As an aside, if I use the stock Samsung Messages app and press the + sign to left of keyboard it goes straight to the Samsung Gallery app, which is what I want...but would prefer to stay using Android Messages over Samsung Messages.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Galaxy S9 Keyboard

        Hey, chris13! I'm not using an S9, so I'm not able to recreate your experience by walking through any customization options for the app. I checked here: Change your Android Messages settings - Messages Help and didn't see any settings for Android Messages to dictate which gallery the app will default to. :/ Hopefully another user with an S9 and Android Messages will chime in here with some suggestions, but aside from looking for default options in-app or within the device's settings menu, I'm coming up short!

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        • tidbits

          Re: Galaxy S9 Keyboard

          Are you using the stock messaging app or are you using the Android messages app downloaded from the play store?  They are not the same.

          • tidbits

            Re: Galaxy S9 Keyboard

            Ok that's a Google thing and you need to bring it up with Google.  I had to read it a few times.


            My only suggestion is to not tap on the text field when after you open a text or start a new one it eliminates a step.

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            • chris13

              Re: Galaxy S9 Keyboard

              Thx tmo_m and tidbits!  Just for clarity, I'm using the Android Messages app, but the keyboard is the stock Samsung keyboard and that keyboard is what appears when typing a text.  This wasn't an issue on my Galaxy S7, so kinda frustrating and I've gotta believe it's a setting somewhere and can't find...although "the Google" is known to change things up...usually not in the users favor.  Unfortunately, this is something that's much easier to demonstrate/show in person than trying to explain in words.  Bummer...

                • tidbits

                  Re: Galaxy S9 Keyboard

                  It took me a few times, but I get what you are saying.  What you are seeing is Google's new UI choice sadly.  A lot of people are displeased with the change.  It doesn't matter what keyboard you use that's here to say.

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                    • chris13

                      Re: Galaxy S9 Keyboard

                      Thanks for trying.  I'll try the Samsung + support and see if they know of any way to add a new tool to the Samsung keyboard that is for pictures.  If that doesn't work, out of luck and have to decide between Android Messages or Samsung Messages.