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    We switched from Verizon on 03-02-18 and this switch has been nothing short of a nightmare.  The order process went fine - we ordered BOGO Apple with 6 phones, so supposedly I will get 3 free.  While still on the phone with the order lady I wanted to change to an IPhone 8 to an IPhone 8 Plus.  I was informed it would require us to start all over so it would be better/easier to just return the phone to a T Mobile store when we got it and it could be swapped out.  Ok, easy enough, we proceed, and the phones are on their way. That evening my daughter in law informs me that her phone is still under contract with Sprint, so I call T Mobile and explain that I’m going to have to cancel that phone order or just return it when it gets here.  Customer service rep tells me to hold on, you don’t have to do that just send us the last bill and we’ll pay off the phone and the contract!  Great, I think.  The phones come in Friday, we get them set up and booted up and I contact T Mobile to begin the port process beginning with my phone first, thinking I would do this one at a time.  After a few hours go by and my number hasn't ported my husband notices he's getting my text messages.  They ported my number to the wrong phone.  I call - it's Friday evening, but they'll put a ticket in and this should be taken care of within 24 hours.  I wake up Saturday, still the same.  I call Saturday at 10:00a to inquire as to the status and am told the number has been ported and I explain again the number was ported to my husband’s phone, so the lady tells me she'll put a rush on it and it should be done in 2-4 hours.  4 and 1/2 hours go by, so I call again, this time another ticket is being put in and it’ll be yet another 24 hours; there's nothing they can do to speed it up and they don't know why it's taking so long.  Sunday morning, I wake up and still the same.  So, I call, yet again.  I'll admit I'm getting frustrated at this point and probably wasn't as nice a customer as I could be, but my husband is STILL getting MY text messages and we can't even begin to port his number. After a customer service rep attempts to port my number to the correct phone it doesn't happen again, and the customer service rep begins to argue with me about the numbers I gave him.  As I was expressing extreme frustration later in the day, my son came up with the idea of switching SIM cards.  We did, and it worked.  So, yay!  Next, we port in all the other numbers and everything is going well, except we notice after 3 days no one is getting any texts or service - their phones aren't working.  I call T Mobile on Wednesday afternoon for help, they have me shut down the phones, reboot, reset, turn this on and this off and still nothing is working. A ticket will be sent to the engineering department because nothing works. I'll have to wait 24-48 hours for a response.  24 hours goes by and no response, so I call and start all over again.  They have me shut down the phones etc.  I spend a good 35 minutes on the phone with a very nice lady who is trying and having me go through the exact same rigmarole as before.  After spending quite a bit of time on the phone with her and again no traction, I decide to Google the issue.  It's a common issue with I Phone X - turn off the LTE - we did and it worked – shouldn’t the technical department be aware of something common like this?   Finally, 6 days into having the phones and it finally looks like everything is working and we all have service!  I ship that IPhone 8 to my son like I was told when I placed the order (he lives in DC area) so that he can take it in to a T Mobile store to exchange.  He goes to the store and is told he can’t do that –  it’ll have to be swapped out in the same manner as bought – over the phone.  Mind you, if I had been told that initially I wouldn’t have paid $ 17.00 to mail it him in the first place, but that’s not what I was told. The gentleman at the store tries to help my son, (he’s deaf) and says if I can get him added as an authorized user he’ll help him get the phone ready to ship back because this is day 13 and you only have 14 days to return a phone – which I think is reasonable. I get on the phone to T Mobile AGAIN. This time I’m told, I can’t add an authorized user until 30 days have gone by – keep in mind they’re the ones that told me to ship it to him to take to a store to replace.   I didn’t ship the phone to him right away because of all the issues we were having back here in MI. While on the phone with T Mobile, working with the associate, we come up with an idea that she’ll email me a return label and I can email it to him so he can get it to UPS on the 14th day.  So we did and he is without a phone BUT she says call on Tuesday and by then the phone should be back to T Mobile and you can place an order for an IPhone 8 Plus then.  I’m annoyed because I was told to “just take it into the store and swap it out” but here I am on the phone again, and I’m so tired of calling T Mobile that I’m like whatever, fine.  So the phone gets shipped back to T Mobile last Friday and I decide while I’m at it, to submit my BOGO for the 4 phones.  I get in and start reading and guess what, I get to choose between the BOGO promo OR the buying out of the Sprint contract for my daughter in law.  Not both. 14 Days has passed, so we can’t return phone. This time I’m out $ 402.84.  I would have had my daughter in law wait the 5 months had I known. So now it’s Tuesday and I get an email saying the IPhone 8 has been returned to T Mobile, I decide to give it a couple of days so that they can get the phone return in their system. I call, this morning, Thursday at 9:30 and spend 17 minutes on the phone.  First, it was said they hadn’t received the phone.  Then Jesse asks me how it was shipped back?  Are you kidding me?  You should be able to see from the notes in front of you that I was sent a label last Thursday but instead I explain that to him so he puts me on hold again and comes back on to tell me he can’t find it but please hold for a couple more minutes and he’ll continue to look.  A few more minutes go by and he comes back onto the phone and says oh yes, they have received it but while it is typically credited to the account right away (back on Tuesday) the phone has yet to be credited to the account.  Jesse is going to put in a ticket and I should be able to call within 24-48 hours and they’ll have the issue corrected at which time I can order an IPhone 8 plus. 

    If I had to do this all over again, I wouldn’t.  We offered a new phone and service to our secretary and after seeing all the problems and listening to me on the phone for several long phone calls, she said she’d stay put with ATT.  It seems as though the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and really doesn’t care at T Mobile. 

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Frustration Level HIGH

        Hey, amff1967!


        Goodness, you had quite the rough start with us. After reading everything you went through, I must say that this is not a typical experience with us when switching from a different provider. I can see a lot confusion went on between the BOGO promotion and porting your phone numbers over and then you had issues with signal/texting. Thank you for being so patient with us. I'm sure at times it wasn't easy, especially when you were able to find answers to two of your issues online and through your son. I'm surprised no one mentioned swapping the SIMs earlier.  


        To be 100% honest, I'm not sure why you were told you could swap the phone out for the larger model in our stores as it's generally common knowledge to our Customer Care reps that we keep the inventories separate. You're still out a decent amount of money and it's important that we figure out how to resolve this. While I know you've already spent a great deal of time over the phone with us, I highly recommend you chat with our T-Force team via Facebook or Twitter. They're top-notch customer service reps that have a way of thinking outside of the box to put our customers first.

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          Re: Frustration Level HIGH

          I Concur with @tmo_Amanda reach out to t-force that way you have a record of the conversations as well. I've been with TMO for about 11 years, things haven't always been smooth, I will say with a bit of patience, I've been able to resolve every issue through out the years. I will say, I have been a champion for TMO to revising is phone swap policy by allowing TMO retail locations to accept returns and exchanges, inventory issues should not be our problem, just my two cent's. What I find many who report unpleasant experiences with TMO manly due to not being patent after being told incorrect information or not understanding information received.  As I stated earlier patience will pay off ,unlike my two previous carrier AT&T and Sprint  I had billing disputes with both and they we're unwilling to resolve the issue basically telling me, I was going to pay one way or the other. So no, neither of those companies will ever get any of my hard money ever again.  Even to the point I was looking for another carrier when TMO announced a possible merger with Sprint.  I do understand your frustrated, we have long standing members, that can assist you with getting problems resolved.  Also TMO's CEO does respond to customers on twitter.          

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