LG V20 8.0 Update


    I'm curious to know if they have somewhat of a ETA for the update to be rolled out.  Seeing this is the first OS update in 18 months I would hope this would be a quick process, especially since Google is already releasing android 9.0 in beta, which means they been sitting on android 8.0 for almost a year now.  So it would be great to get a date to fix the issues that android 7.0 has,  I know its the os having issues because I had it on my Nexus 6P and the same issues didn't get resolved until 7.1.2 was released.  The facts its taken this long to even start the process is insane. 

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      • sslman71

        Re: LG V20 8.0 Update

        Like I said in the LG V30 post. LG is not as popular as Apple and Samsung, and even with Samsung being really slow on updates, LG does not care as much with updates as the others. You might not even get as I have read online that their flagships are not sold as much as the other two companies, to even bother updating their flagship phones.

          • enigmaco

            Re: LG V20 8.0 Update

            I would normally agree with you, but I use to own a lg G3 and they were quicker to update that phone than they were with this one.  Honestly this is lg dropping the ball, and one of the reasons I refused to go back to Samsung was due to the fact that they ridiculously slow with their updates.  Motorola seems to have no issues updating their flagship products, and I'm sure they're less popular than LG.  Good thing is after this I'm buying pixel phones here on out.  18 months with a buggy os is ridiculous. 

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          • tmo_chris

            Re: LG V20 8.0 Update

            We do not have a specific time frame but it is in the works



            LG V20: Update in Development