Ordered 4 Iphones BOGO over Phone, Where to send trade-in


    I recently switched to Tmobile from ATT and i did 2 of the BOGO deals for the Iphone, hence i got 4 iphones. When I ordered the phones over the phone, the represesntative told me I would get a return label inside my shipping box with the Iphone X's. This did not happen. So i called and got transfered 4 times before someone just said here I will send you a return label. It seemed a little sketchy and I want to verify that this is how I send in my trade in device. He only took my device IMEI and nothing else. Did not take my rebate tracking ID, not the bogo promo code. All I got was an email from UPS saying a shipper has sent you this label. Is this the process that is supposed to happen? Because i dont want to only get $300, the regular trade in value for my Iphone 6, when the Bogo guarantees me $700. Can a Tmobile representative verify that the person over the phone did the correct steps?

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