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       I am frequently in the area of Reddick Rd, Ore City, TX and I can confirm with a Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung S9+ and an LG-P659(3 of these with different sims) there is no coverage. If you do a network search T-Mobile will show up 90% of the time, but then you get "Cannot connect to network". I called your support several times and still no luck. Support has repeatedly blamed this on phone settings. It is not the phone settings, as you can see this happens with multiple phones that are unmodified after a factory reset(tried before factory reset as well). We tried a signal booster(provided by T-Mobile), but it wouldn't connect either. The internet based signal booster won't work as internet is unreliable here. Support then they blamed buildings and or trees in the way. So we climbed a 100 ft tree so we were above literally everything around us for miles. SAME ISSUE. Searching networks finds T-Mobile, but then won't connect to the network. I spent the better part of a day walking literally miles 2 in each direction and it's a dead zone.  If you look at the map from in between the 4 streams near Periwinkle all the way to halfway between the "no coverage area" and the 295 is exactly the same way.  This extends from the top of the map to the bottom of the map from Nastrutium Rd. to Mimosa Rd. at the bottom.

    Previously, I used Verizon, which works perfectly across this entire region. Before switching to T-mobile I was told there was definitely coverage and it had been customer checked. Otherwise, even though I am based in Las Vegas I probably would not have switched.


    I understand that often an area has challenges to getting coverage. Further, I understand it is not economically feasible to cover every area, especially in rural areas such as this. But, this leads us to one of two things. Either there is coverage here, and there is something wrong on your end, or there is no coverage here and no one will admit it. If the first is true, then someone needs to take a serious look and fix the issue. If the second is true, then someone should show some integrity and update the coverage map.  It is unfair, bordering on outright lying to indicate coverage, when clearly there isn't.


    Would someone please reach out to me, by forum or phone and discuss this?


    Thank you!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Coverage map is not accurate

        Hey there and thanks for coming here to post. I do want to help explain our coverage map a little bit. After looking at the address you posted, I am seeing this is a "Fair" coverage area. This means that you may occasionally get service indoors. With that being said, this area does appear to be a place where coverage is going to be stronger outdoors. Another thing to keep in mind is that our coverage map is an estimation of what coverage we expect you to get, however we can't always guarantee this due to variables (you can see a list of these if you click the Map and Service Info link on our coverage map page). With T-Mobile expanding coverage, we don't come across situations like this too often, but we do know we have some places that can use some help with coverage. I did check my internal coverage tool as well, and I don't have any specifics on if/when coverage will change in this area. For locations like this, there are a couple things we recommend doing to help get the most out of what's there. You could try flipping the band to 2G only to see if you're able to get a solid connection of 2-3 bars. If you're in or around an area with a Wi-Fi connection, using it while there will help you stay connected. Putting in a Service Complaint with our Tech Care will get our engineers involved to take a peek at this location for improvements. I know our engineering teams are already aware of areas where we need some help, so just a heads up, they ticket could come back saying that coverage improvements will need to be made and to use some of the suggestions I've already mentioned to help with service while you're in that location. I do understand that giving you this info doesn't change the coverage there, I'd just like you to give you some thoughts about our coverage map and how we handle signal issues. For what it's worth, I appreciate you coming here to tell us about what you've been experiencing. Please let me know if I can answer anything else.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Coverage map is not accurate

          The fact is that on T-Mobile's roaming maps, "Fair" means "Maybe".  You can't trust "Fair" coverage under the best of circumstances and particularly when it's getting speckled with bits of white. T-Mobile is more into painting their maps magenta than actually providing rural coverage. My rule of thumb for finding where service will actually work in rural areas is to find the nearest blotch of "Good" service. Go from the middle to the edge of the "Good" service then add half that distance into the "Fair". That's the circle of really usable coverage.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Coverage map is not accurate

            Hi there!


            Just checking in to see if you had any additional questions. Please let us know. Thanks.

            • zeroktal

              Re: Coverage map is not accurate

              I read your reply, but wonder if you read mine. Support has already been notified, as well as a complaint lodged. Troubleshooting has already been done. What hasn't been done, is T-Mobile owning up to the fact that your map is inaccurate. Yes, it will get fixed. In the interim, I'd just like your map to be honest. Further, someone was supposed to call me back on this, but I have yet to receive that call.