I am so frustrated and upset! My iphone 7plus keeps locking my SIM and then it asks for a PUK code. What is a PUK CODE???? and why do they keep doing this. I went to T-MOBILE this week and they unlocked. I set a new passcode for PUK while I was there. I shut my  phone off yesterday, and when i opened it again, I got locked out AGAIN! I tried to code that I made, and it DID NOT WORK...then it asked me for a PUK CODE AGAIN and was unsuccessful.  I AM LOCKED OUT AGAIN and it is frustrating because I have now spent another 8 HOURS trying to learn how to unlock without having to make ANOTHER TRIP to the TMOBILE STORE. I am paid up on my bill. SO WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!?  I only have this one phone. It asks to call TMOBILE, but I cant call because the phone will not allow me to call. I have LOST jobs, money and have many upset because I did not get there messages. PLEASE ADVISE!


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