Need Booster Duo+ - tech support doesn't have a clue


    I am in an area that provides me with marginal coverage via Band 12.  I requested a Signal Booster that didn't help at all.  I discovered that it is a D32-24 which I have learned is the older version that doesn't work on Band 12.


    In my investigation online I have found out that I need a Signal Booster Duo+ (not just a Duo) and the the model number should be D32-21266 and it should be a V2 unit.  I have called tech support (even level 2) and nobody has a clue about the different signal boosters.  They are sending a 'replacement unit' but I just discovered that it is a RS3 unit which I believe is a non-Band 12 unit.  I have tried two more time to find out what is on order but the tech support cannot tell me the model number or if there is such a model as D32-21266 or V2.


    That said - my question is how does one reach someone at T-Mobile that is tech savy.  The people that I get, even Level 2, are obviously non-US people that cannot deal with anything out of the norm.

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      • dragon1562

        Try reaching out to the T-force team on social media. Many users on the forum have had better results with them vs over the phone calls. Plus you will be able to link the specific device you want sent to you inside the messenger app. Contact Us  For you connivance I linked the contact page for T-mobile so you could choose ether Facebook or Twitter to reach out. Hope the info helps get this resolved.

          • duhmel

            T-Force did some research and discovered that the Booster Duo that covers Band 12 and announced in a massive press release has been 'out-of-stock" since late December with no restocking date.  Looks like this unit is made of UNOBTANIUM.  I don't understand how T-Mobile can still post a web page with the details of this unit if they have no intention of making them available.  I REPEAT, PER THE PERSON I SPOKE TO AT T-FORCE, THERE HAS BEEN NO UNIT THROUGHOUT THE COMPANY IN STOCK SINCE DECEMBER.

          • tmo_mike_c

            I think dragon's suggestion of reaching out to T-Force is a good idea. They have the tools needed to check on device availability. Have you given them a shot at looking into this for you?

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