Need Booster Duo+ - tech support doesn't have a clue


    I am in an area that provides me with marginal coverage via Band 12.  I requested a Signal Booster that didn't help at all.  I discovered that it is a D32-24 which I have learned is the older version that doesn't work on Band 12.


    In my investigation online I have found out that I need a Signal Booster Duo+ (not just a Duo) and the the model number should be D32-21266 and it should be a V2 unit.  I have called tech support (even level 2) and nobody has a clue about the different signal boosters.  They are sending a 'replacement unit' but I just discovered that it is a RS3 unit which I believe is a non-Band 12 unit.  I have tried two more time to find out what is on order but the tech support cannot tell me the model number or if there is such a model as D32-21266 or V2.


    That said - my question is how does one reach someone at T-Mobile that is tech savy.  The people that I get, even Level 2, are obviously non-US people that cannot deal with anything out of the norm.

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