Tethering download speed being throttled or what?


    I'm trying to use tethering on my phone (OnePlus 5) in area code 20109-2347.  I have great coverage, full 4g lte and when I do a speedtest from my phone I get 50+ Mbps download and 25 Mbps+ upload, great.  Now I tether my phone to my laptop (tried usb, wifi hotspot, and bluetooth with the same result) and I get download speeds of 0.50 Mbps - 1.6 Mbps download (horrible) but around 20 Mbps upload:  http://www.speedtest.net/result/7169175456.png


    I've gone through the steps with a rep of resetting my apns, etc. etc. and nothing changed.  I tested it with a second phone (OnePlus 3T) and get the same exact result.  Is the download just being throttled for some reason when tethering or is there something happening with tethering for oneplus devices?

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      • drnewcomb2

        This is not a bug. It's a feature. I recently switched over from a Select Choice plan with many GB of high-speed tethering to a 55+ plan with throttled tethering and I can tell you that the difference is shocking.

        • dragon1562

          To be more precise, if you have the base T-mobile one plan your hotspot data is throttled to 3g speeds. If you have One+ you get 10Gb of LTE data. Although that data is treated differently and is de-prioritized. Finally there is One Plus International where you get unlimited hotspot LTE data. Hope the info helps to clear things up.

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          • magenta4482025


            I'm on the "ONE Plus Promo" plan which states:

            HD Video / 10GB LTE tethering & 1 hr GoGo WiFi

            Now, activate HD video streaming and 10GB of high-speed Mobile Hotspot data for no extra charge. You will also get unlimited data in 140+ global destinations at twice the speed (up to 256kbps), included free. T-Mobile ONE includes unlimited talk, unlimited text & unlimited data.

            Changes made in the middle of a billing cycle will result in full monthly charges of the new feature.

            On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion, the small fraction of customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization.


            So shouldn't I be getting the full speed and not be getting throttled?

            • magenta4482025

              I'm using the built-in android hotspot.  I don't see any "tmobile mobile hotspot" app on the play store.  My tmobile app does show 0.5GB/10GB of tethering usage though which makes it seem like it thought it was using LTE even though the speeds weren't LTE?

              I'll give tech a call and see what they say.

                • dragon1562

                  I came back and just wanted to say that no you should not be getting throttled like this. However, there have been other threads on this forum from users with Oneplus phones suffering from this issue. If you have a chance to test your sim in a T-mobile branded phone it would be greatly appreciated. When you call tech I hope they would suggest something similar because they have a tendency to go the route of its a unlocked device not sold by the carrier. Which is true mind you but it does support the network.

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                • magenta4482025

                  I have a old Xperia z3 I can put my sim into and test in a few days.  I'd be very confused on why only download speeds of tethering would be unsupported on my phone while everything else works without issue.

                  • tmo_chris

                    Just checking in here to see how things are going.

                      • savvysgranny

                        I used to have One plus (the $25 a month data service) and could only get around 5mbps download, so I dropped it and and using a Sprint ZTE Warp and get the same for $12/month unlimited & unthrottled.

                        Recently I needed to use my T-Mobile Hotspot (S7 Edge &/or S8+). The best download I could get was .01 - .49mbps download. Called T-Mobile (tmo_chris) and was told I needed to sign up for the $25/month data service to use the hotspot and expect a usable speed. After about 24 hours I began getting download speeds of 20-35mbps on the phone with the extra charge. I'm still only getting way less than 1mbps download speeds on phones without the extra data service that used to get 5 or more mbps.


                        I'm concerned that there's a setting on my phone I can't find -  that T-mobile uses to raise & lower my hotspot wifi speed, that has nothing to do with T-mobile cell signal.


                        Basically, T-Mobile has removed my back-up hotspot ability, unless I pay $25/month per phone extra.

                          • dragon1562

                            That is not how this works. Basically The base one plan has throttled hotspot data of 3g speeds. One Plus gives you 10GB of Lte hotspot data and the $25 plan gives you unlimited LTE hotspot data. Hotspot data is de-prioritized though(not hard throttled) regardless of the usage. Every carrier does this mind you so it is not out of the norm. T-mobile has no reason to degrade your service to unusable mind you, and signal strength alone is not indicative of fast speeds.

                              • savvysgranny

                                I'm just comparing my hotspot service now to a few months ago. If I understand what you are saying 3g speeds have dropped from 5-6mb to less than 1mb download speeds since last fall where I live. This was on One Plus and way less than 10GB. The only way I'm getting LTE wifi speeds is by paying the extra $25/mo/phone.


                                I'm trying to understand the relationship between 30-60mb download speeds to .01 wifi speed on the same phone using hotspot - One Plus gives you 10GB of Lte hotspot data.


                                I swear T-Mobile is the best and it's been my main phone service since 2004. I don't believe they are degrading service. I honestly think this is some kind of bug or over site.

                                  • dragon1562

                                    T-Mobile ONE Plus: Gogo available on equipped flights to, from, or within the U.S. International data speeds approx. 256 Kbps. After 10GB, tethering at max 3G speeds


                                    3g speeds I think is 512KB in there eyes. so that is the max you should be getting over hotspot without the one plus add on or after you use the allotted LTE data. Its in the fine print of the plan. They also say that phone use will be prioritized over hotspot data on the network. Although you should not be seeing.01 if you have the LTE data available.