Horrible customer experience - removing advantage discount all the time


    I want to know whom can I reach out to get my issue fixed.


    I am having t-mobile advantage program discount (from the time before it was discontinued) and I get employer based discount on my plan. It has become a regular feature now when  they will suddenly remove the discount. When I reach out, they say we have asked you to re-verify but I never receive the email. Then they resend the email, I re-verify and next bill still no discount. On reaching out to customer service again, they say we have now received your information verification and you will get the discount in the next month. By then, at least 2-3 months discount is gone. And again in a few months, the cycle repeats.


    Last I verified in June 2017.

    Discount again removed in Jan bill. Reached out and reverified around mid Feb and received confirmation that the renewal is confirmed.

    March bill generated on 10th of March still doesn't have discount.

    Called customer service again...and they are saying the discount will be applied in the next bill because "my team" didn't get the information until march 11th. How convenient.


    The rep I spoke to couldn't care less whether I disconnect my t-mobile service and go elsewhere.

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