Customer Service sucks.


    Not really sure where to begin.  I've been with T-Mobile for 1 week and I think I have been on the phone with customer service maybe 19 times now.  I have had nothing but issues with customer service since I ordered my phones over the phone.


    First Issue: Sales

    I was told that I would be saving money with T-Mobile.  I was informed that two lines would cost me $120 which was correct.  I was then told to finance two phones it would be $30 per phone to equal a bill of $180 a month.  I informed the salesperson that I wouldn't be saving any money since I paid At&t $171 a month currently.

    Salesperson told me I would get a discount of $10 for auto payment and also another discount of $12 for free netflix. He said this would bring my bill down to $158 a month.  I then asked him if T-mobile had any type of military discount.  He told me veterans get a 20% discount on the main line.  Well this would drop my bill some more so I was in.  Well when I received my phones I found out differently.


    Second Issue:

    I received my phones two days later and T-Mobile send me the wrong phone for me.  Instead of a jet black S9 I got a pink/purple S9.  I called T-Mobile and informed them they screwed up.  I then decided to verify everything the salesperson told me.  The rep on the other end told me there is no Veteran discount and that the netflix and the $10 dollar discount was included in the $120, therefore my bill would be higher than my At&t bill.  I would have never switched over if I had known this and if the salesperson was honest.

    I decided to show my wife the S9 T-mobile sent me and she actually liked it so she kept that and we sent the V30 back.  I don't have a store near me so that weekend we headed to Minneapolis and I purchased a black S9.  I really should have just sent both phones back and stayed with At&t but I felt I should give T-Mobile a chance.

    After my wife had used the S9 over the weekend she decided she didn't like the smaller S9.  Instead of getting another phone she decided to just use her V20 from At&t.  We had the phone unlocked and put her T-Mobile sim card in it.  I had to change the apn settings but that was no big deal.  Everything seemed to be working fine so we put the S9 in the mail to ship back to T-Mobile.  This morning she had to call me from work because her phone wasn't working.  I called T-Mobile and after 30 minutes on the phone with them we couldn't get the phone to get more than 1 bar on it.  This phone worked perfectly with At&t.  Customer service basically just told me sometimes other carrier phones don't work.  I informed her that the Salesperson was pretty adamant that At&t phone would work if it was unlocked.

    Well now we were SOL because UPS had her other phone.  I called UPS and thank God it hadn't shipped yet.  After picking up the phone I called T-Mobile again to have another V30 sent to us.  Well I have been on the phone with T-Mobile 9 times today just trying to get an esignature sent.  I wast told multiple times that my email was wrong and I corrected it with them each time.  Around 5 hours later I did receive 8 emails for esignatures.  I clicked on the newest email signed the doc and everything was good; so I thought.  While at work I received a text message saying it hadn't worked.  I called in and my email was still wrong; corrected that once more and waited for another email for esignature, no email.  Called in multiple times tonight and email was wrong each time and was hung up on by a customer service rep.

    Finally got someone in the Loyalty department and this guy tells me i never registered online that is why my email was wrong.  He actually told me I didn't have an email on file.  Well I had in fact registered because I went online while on phone with him and logged in and my email was there, and the email was correct.


    Well not I am stuck with T-mobile because my At&t account is already closed and T-Mobile is paying off my phones.  I only have 20 days to return my T-mobile phones and I know I won't receive a final bill within that time frame.  Not really sure what I am going to do.  To return my one phone I have to drive at a minimum of 3 hours one way for a T-Mobile store.  I guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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      • nelfar212

        Re: Customer Service sucks.

        I'm sorry you have been misinformed TMO doesn't offer veteran discount per se on it's TMO ONE rate plans as they are already heavily discounted, they do offer some perks check out TMO advantage. The older plans like mine "legacy" are eligible for a 15% military discount. I am a customer and veteran like you. I DO NOT work for TMO. I'll say this I came over to TMO when AT&T acquired Cingular over 11 years, it has been a bumpy ride TMO has been good to us. My advice ask a lot of questions, make changes only after you researched thoroughly I use the rule of three, I call customer service and speak with three different reps to ensure I'm getting the most accurate information. Also do not be afraid to call 611 and express your displeasure when the CRS don't preform to TMO 's standards, My last fiasco resulted TMO handsomely compensated me for my time. They made it right and then some.   

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Customer Service sucks.

          Hey lancea 


          Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. I am very sorry that it has started out as such a bumpy ride as this is never the kind of experience we want our customers to have to endure.


          So just a few points of clarification here.

          • The T-Mobile One plan with taxes included for 2 lines is normally $130/month but $120 if you do auto pay ($5 discount per line)
          • The Netflix On Us is not calculated into that $120 total. Once you register for it, your Netflix bill will be billed to your T-Mobile bill and we will offset it with credits so you will no longer be billed for Netflix on your primary card.
          • As nelfar212 pointed out, military discounts are available but it is plan specific and the T-Mobile One Tax Included plan is not an eligible plan as it is already heavily discounted.

          I am not sure if you were financing phones with AT&T before but once these phones are paid off with us, your bill will drop to $120 a month as long as you keep auto pay enabled.


          As for the phone disarray, I got a bit confused but wanted to make sure that you have the phones you wanted (color/model) and that they are functioning properly.

            • tehman1

              Re: Customer Service sucks.

              I hated the customer service they have no idea how to deal with there customers. And plus i have to call them every single month to pay my bill because every month it always messed up that is why i dont do auto pay so they can take out whatever they want. i have 5 lines and my bill comes up to 400 and i have to call every month top get it fix and when i do call they customer service dont know how to like come on get some well educated people on you service this is not how its works. i rather switch up my lines to at&t than staying with these people who have no idea how to help there customers. Its really sucks i really dont like this carrier.

                • nelfar212

                  Re: Customer Service sucks.

                  What's messed up? be a little more specific, are you entitled to plan discounts you're not receiving, are you being over billed? I guess I'm impartial to TMO due to my experience with worse both AT&T and Sprint, now there have been times where TMO reps have not lived up to TMO's mission statement and I've been sure to make it known when that happens. Many of us work with lazy incompetent people, some who we see get promotions rather than fired. TMO is no exception, over the years I'd say 90% of the CSR's enjoy their jobs and go the extra mile in addition to reduce abuse by both customers and employees CSR's don't have cart blanch authority any-longer, as a practical matter, issues that require escalation to resolve major problems have to handled at higher level and subject to additional review to prevent scams. Sucks, but that's just the way it is. Sometimes patience pays off.


                  For example, due to the longevity of my account I'm able to take advantage of a superior rate plan (not TMO one). I pay 50% less tehman1 for 8 lines vs  5. my advice make sure you file complaints about having to call every month to request bill adjustment's          

              • lied2

                Re: Customer Service sucks.

                Yeah I just got hosed by Tmobile too. I transferred 7 lines and 2 watches from Att. I paid off all my phones except 1 out of my pocket. The sales rep told me that Tmobile would pay off my device but I had to trade it in towards a new phone. I asked them specifically how that worked. She told me that they would pay off my existing phone and would also give me a trade in credit towards a new phone. So I traded in my iphone 8 plus for a cheaper phone (7plus) and would get 450.00 towards the new phone. So when I was trying to get reimbursed after several weeks of calling tmobile back and forth I finally got to the person who then tells me that now I will be getting 150.00 in a visa card to pay off my 600.00 balance at ATT. I was livid!!!!! Why would I pay off a 600.00 phone and trade it in on a cheaper phone to end up owing more? They scammed me out of my 8 plus and tell me they cant give it back and that there is nothing they can do......but they then say "hey at least you will have a bill credit of $450 and we will send you a visa card for $150" But you now owe us $749.00 for a iphone 7 plus......I'm like what???!!!! you have to be kidding me.....I want to go back to ATT!!!!!!!!   Tmobile lies!!!