Verizon galaxy S6 won't connect to cellspot signal booster


    I recently switched from Verizon to T-mobile. We were assured that our Verizon Galaxy S6 and Iphone 7+ would work find and our home location had good reception. First two weeks were good. Signal in our area was not great, but adequate. Then we noticed many calls going directly to voicemail and periods of no service. After time with Technical Support, i received a Cellspot signal booster ($25 deposit and $6 shipping). I installed the 2-unit signal booster. The window unit gets 3 to 4 bars near an upstairs window, and the coverage unit displays 5 or 6 in the downstairs bedroom. But I have no improvement in signal to my handsets. My local T-mobile store person fixed settings on my phone so I usually have 4G LTE signal, but I only get 1 to 2 bars at home, and this is not affected by the signal booster. The Iphone seems to have 2 bars all the time. Neither phone is affected by the signal booster. Is there some setting that will allow these phones to benefit from the signal booster?

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