Galaxy S7 SD card no longer recognized after January update.


    Galaxy S7 microSD card no longer recognized. Works in other devices (data intact), other cards work in S7, but original one does not. I've reformatted the card in many ways, wiped cache partition, checked for updates. No matter what I do, with this card, that was on the phone for 1+ year it always says "Card not inserted". Card works in Windows, MAC, BlackBerry machines before and after the format. 100% sure card is good, Samsung Pro 64 gb. I see other reports on Samsung forums about cards stopped working after update. Any advice (I am not willing to factory reset my phone at this stage).

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      • bgchicago

        2 more points:

        *I am IT professional, not an average consumer.

        *Also, the card that s7 doesn't recognize anymore is SDXC, it recognizes non XC (16gb) card. Currently I don't have any other cards to try.

        • bgchicago

          I found the solution after extensive search - downloaded Formatter from and performed OVERWRTIRE format. The key here was the long format. It's possible the Windows long format (e.g. uncheck quick) would have done it as well but I didn't try it.

          • tmo_chris

            Nice investigative work! Thanks for sharing your findings as well!

            • beachcomberwest

              Hi, the same thing has just happened to me after the July 2018 update my SD card is no longer recognized. Seeing as how they just eats cause people so many problems, I wish there was more straightforward available support than these forms but I appreciate your time in researching this. I am an absolute novice. I was just wondering whether this was a typo  on your part...did you mean OVERWRTIRE or OVERWRITE? Do you think the same thing might work for me regarding the latest update? I have tried clearing the cache but I still need to make sure I can access the files on the SD card from another device or computer and due to an accident, I did not make sure to copy the files before the update happened. Hoping they are still there!

              P.S. having a horrible time editing this reply as my sentences are not fitting in the screen and when I pull up the keyboard there's almost no space to see what is being typed so sorry if I made any terrible errors.