Question about adding lines


    We currently have six lines on the SC plan.  Cost is $50+30+10+10+10+10=$120.00 + about $30 in fees/taxes = Total of just under $150.

    1.  Can we add 2 more lines to the account?   No one exceeds the 2Gb fast data limit.

    2.   I know if we changed the six lines we have now to the TM One plan  - we might actually save some money given the $10 per line for not exceeding 2Gb in data +$5/line credit for autopay.     If we add two more lines to make a total of eight lines-do those two extra lines costs $35/mo each, less (assuming each of them stays under the 2G data usage) $10+5=$15  for a total of $20 extra for each added line?

    3.  I know there might be a delay in getting bill credits, but I assume the credits start immediately upon switching plans. Or, should I add the lines and change plans on the exact billing date or well TM prorate everything?




    Am I missing anything?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Question about adding lines

        Hey, miket!
        Checking in before you make big account changes makes complete sense. I'll do my best to answer what we can!


        1. Since our team doesn't make account changes, I checked in with an old colleague on the frontline to ask about this. Adding lines to grandfathered SC plans wouldn't be an option, so you'd be looking at moving to TMO ONE. As far as adding lines on TMO ONE, that would depend on the individual account what the limits were for how many lines are allowed, so your best bet would be to reach out to an internal team to check.

        2. The pricing here is close to correct. I know when you use the slider on the main website it shows a current advertised price of "4 lines at $35/line", but similar to Simple Choice, add a lines are actually a lower cost than the initial two lines that start a family plan. The $35/line announcement is how it breaks down to split those costs evenly across all four lines, but technically add-a-lines are $25 each (before AutoPay or KickBack).

        3. KickBack credits will apply on the bill cycle following successful opt-in and eligibility, and for the new lines to be eligible for the AutoPay credit at the time of bill processing, you just need to be on T-Mobile ONE or another tax inclusive plan (such as LineLink and Mobile Internet for hotspots), be active on AutoPay at the time of bill processing, and have paid the prior month’s bill by its due date.

          • miket

            Re: Question about adding lines

            Marissa -

            So you answered main question - can't add lines to SC plan.


              Not clear on pricing for 8 lines on TM One.   Are you saying $35/line for first 4 lines then $25/line on lines 5 thru 8?  (Then get $10 credits for under 2Gig/line + auto-pay credit of $5/line?



              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Question about adding lines

                Sort of -- let me clarify a little more. The $35/line for the first four lines already includes AutoPay discounts, and is a limited time offer -- that's not the basic standard pricing for T-Mobile ONE. It's a scenario where the fourth line is free. If you walk through the slider, and note the total price at the bottom, notice it still shows a total of $140 when you switch from 3 lines to 4 lines (that projected total already includes AutoPay discounts, also).
                So if you switched plans with the promotional pricing (fourth line free), your first four lines would be $140, with AutoPay. Add KickBack and that would drop by $10 for the three *paid* lines -- you would not receive a KickBack discount on the free line. Then for lines 5 through 8 you would add $25/line, then subtract AutoPay *and* KickBack discounts to get your estimate.

                  • miket

                    Re: Question about adding lines

                    Thanks for QUICK reply on a Sunday.


                    So - for TM One lines 1-4 (under the "special) really costs $40/line BUT includes the $5/line auto-pay discount - bring price down to $35/line. THEN you can get $10/line "discount" (rebate) when less than 2G of data is used on 3 of the 4 lines.   Thus, cost on lines 1-4 would be $110/mo.

                       Lines 5-8 would cost $25/line ($100) less $10 data discount (-$40) less auto-pay (-$5/line)  -$20 =  $10/line!! (total = $40 for lines 5-8).  


                    Summary -  8 lines (with available discounts/rebates) is $150/mo.!!!    We are paying that much now for 6 SC lines.

                    And one line gets unlimited data.


                    That's a helleva deal  $18.75/line if you have 8 lines.


                    Are my above figures correct?

                      • barcodeable

                        Re: Question about adding lines


                        You also get the FREE Netflix....

                        if you decided to switch to the T-Mobile ONE Plan.

                        • tmo_marissa

                          Re: Question about adding lines

                          TBH, I am always a little wary of walking through plan pricing like this in the public forum lest I make a mistake, but you're so helpful around these parts I'm definitely game to do my best!


                          II hope you'll forgive me for adding the caveat that truly the best person to review this will be an internal team who can double check your account for any kind of conditions that might conflict with eligibility etc etc etc... but I think you're right about the price.


                          Assuming the first four are $140 with AutoPay, minus $30 for Kickback, you start at $110. Then additional lines are $25, minus $5 for AutoPay and $10 for KickBack, so $10 each -- you'd be at $150.


                          I tried working backwards with regular pricing, too. Eight lines on T-Mobile ONE with current prices are $280, with AutoPay; $240. If you were eligible for KickBack on all eight lines, that would be $160. But assuming that one of those lines had no cost associated at all, the base price would be price would be $255, then $220 on AutoPay, and $150 with all seven on KickBack.

                            • miket

                              Re: Question about adding lines

                              I won't "hold" you to your pricing quotes.  I actually think the Netflix offer might only be for new customers.  If/when we add 2 more lines, I'll report back.

                                • tmo_marissa

                                  Re: Question about adding lines

                                  Please do! I can't remember if you're a social media user or not, but if you are, I think T-Force could take a look at your account and make sure that this estimate is appropriate. If you hear anything different, please let me know!

                                  • tidbits

                                    Re: Question about adding lines

                                    miket wrote:


                                    I won't "hold" you to your pricing quotes. I actually think the Netflix offer might only be for new customers. If/when we add 2 more lines, I'll report back.

                                    I have netflix on us and I have T-Mobile One


                                    It's just not for specific T-Mobile One discounted plans.