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    I spent 3 hours in the store on 2/16 and the employee lied repeatedly as to what my bill would be.  I have a signed contract stating the amount of 130.00.  When I recieveed the bill it was 180.00.  When I called customer service and also talked with someone at the store they said that they could not help me.  When you sign a contract isn’t it legally binding.  I am fixing to take it to court.  This is not right.  My daughter was there as well and heard all that was said.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Employee lied

        That is quite the price difference! We will want to take a closer look at your account to see what the discrepancy is here. If you have a moment. Please contact us so our care teams can pull up your account and see where this extra $50 is coming from.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Employee lied

          You don't tell us what the extra $50 is.  You have a breakdown of your bill available to you, so you can see it.


          The only thing I suspect is that you are paying $130 for service and $50 is on payment installments for your device.  (or some other device program like Jump.  There's also insurance programs you may have signed up for (or may have been signed up for) -- these insurance programs can be removed.


          There's also the possibility that taxes, fees, surcharges, etc are the difference ($50 seems high to me, but I have almost $7 in taxes and fees on my single line, so I could see how it could be that on a 5 line plan).


          Now, if, in fact, your bill says $180 for service and your copy of the contract says $130, then T-Mobile should honor it.

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