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    I spent 3 hours in the store on 2/16 and the employee lied repeatedly as to what my bill would be.  I have a signed contract stating the amount of 130.00.  When I recieveed the bill it was 180.00.  When I called customer service and also talked with someone at the store they said that they could not help me.  When you sign a contract isn’t it legally binding.  I am fixing to take it to court.  This is not right.  My daughter was there as well and heard all that was said.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Employee lied

        That is quite the price difference! We will want to take a closer look at your account to see what the discrepancy is here. If you have a moment. Please contact us so our care teams can pull up your account and see where this extra $50 is coming from.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Employee lied

          You don't tell us what the extra $50 is.  You have a breakdown of your bill available to you, so you can see it.


          The only thing I suspect is that you are paying $130 for service and $50 is on payment installments for your device.  (or some other device program like Jump.  There's also insurance programs you may have signed up for (or may have been signed up for) -- these insurance programs can be removed.


          There's also the possibility that taxes, fees, surcharges, etc are the difference ($50 seems high to me, but I have almost $7 in taxes and fees on my single line, so I could see how it could be that on a 5 line plan).


          Now, if, in fact, your bill says $180 for service and your copy of the contract says $130, then T-Mobile should honor it.

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          • magenta8402994

            Re: Employee lied

            Yes, one of my former student, Sej at ***-***-****, who I went out of my way to help to prep for certification exams, etc. got a job for T-Mobile and called me.  He said that he could get me a senior discount and a free line, upgrade my phones, etc. and it would cost me $145.52.  All this is documented in the text messages he sent to me.  My cost is now $192.52.  I called and texted him about it and he said he was going to take care of it.  After four months, it has not been taken care of and now he does not return my calls/texts and has even blocked me after I continue to inquired about the difference and why it has not been resolved.  One of the classes I teach is in customer service and this is TERRIBLE customer service.  So that what it comes down to, lying to get customers and business?

              • magentatechie

                Re: Employee lied

                Hey there, I reported your post to the mods because it contained personal information and we definitely don't want that on a public forum such as this. I'd definitely give him up as a bad job and reach out to 611 so they can go over your billed charges and tell you exactly what you can expect to pay monthly.