Text messages as html attachments


    When I receive text messages from my company's help desk software (Service-now),  they appear as html attachments instead of plain text.


    The messages are simple text of less then 130 char's sent to my email address -->  xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net



    When I was with a different carrier,  the txt messages always appeared as plain text.    Is there a setting somewhere to fix this?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Text messages as html attachments

        My employer's implementation of ServiceNow sucks!


        Sorry, rant over.


        I actually have a suggestion!


        First, I didn't know it was possible to have notifications go to another location until you posted this (thanks! not that I'm going to use it).  But, I went in the settings of ServiceNow and noticed you can do a SMS notification:


        And T-Mobile is an available service provider.  Can you have the messages sent this way?



        As for what is happening with ServiceNow email to your tmomail address, it's probably something on the ServiceNow side doing something.  And/or your other carrier may have stripped out the html tags (or your previous device may have done it automagically -- you don't say all that changed between changing carriers).

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Text messages as html attachments

          Hey, just wanted to check in on the questions Mike asked above. I also wanted to ask if this software sends these messages to your TMOmail address with a title or header?

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Text messages as html attachments

            Hey there! How are things going? Please let us know if you still need help.

            • dawall

              Re: Text messages as html attachments

              Has there been any traction on this? I work for a small company in the IT office. Most everyone has Android phones, but at least 2 people have iPhones. These two people just started receiving messages as HTML attachments from a system that has been in place for years. Nothing changed on our system. One of the phones user said he got an IOS update yesterday to 12.1.x and now his messages are coming in as attachment. 


              The system that we have in place is using the tmomail.net. I was also told that any reply comes in as an in-line message.

              • bratfry

                Re: Text messages as html attachments

                I want to try to add my information to this issue.  As, above, everything was working good.  Home grown computer app sends  1231231234@tmobile.net (using smtp) to Gmail and Gmail sends message to my iphone(5c).


                Issue 1- Then my phone quit receiving messages.  Changed the number to another iphone (ATT network-older model phone) and it worked fine.  All  phone messages in Gmail were shown as sent but rejected by TMobile but every once in a while one would work.  I did test directly from GMAIL and COMCAST, same result.  Then I sent a message from my iphone to GMail account and noticed a + sign in front of my phone number.  So I put a + sign in front of my computer app variable and tested and IT WORKED.    It worked for Gmail an Comcast smtp access.  So what changed in Jan Feb or 2019,  I have no idea.


                Issue 2- When it started to work, my BODY of the message was an attachment name 'attachment.html'  Prior to issue 1 it was text ( it is still text on the ATT network iphone).  When I send a message directly from my GMail or Comcast account, it is displayed as text on the iphone.  I have set options in the Gmail account to plain text.   I have tried short messages and long messages, same result.  Again, no idea, it did work early January 2019 and it still works with the ATT phone.


                I give up.