Android 8.0.0 update for Galaxy S8 & S8+ broke Microsoft Exchange. Fixes?


    Did anyone else notice that the Oreo update to the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ broke the Microsoft Exchange account?  My email stopped syncing for some folders, like Sent items (I use the stock email app).  Reboots, adjusting settings, nothing worked to get my Sent mail folder to sync with the server.  I decided to remove the account and reinstall it.  However, while you can remove the account it cannot be restored.


    S7 Accounts (Mobile).pngS8 Accounts (Mobile).jpg

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    Is there a fix for this?  I tried other apps (gmail & Outlook), but still could not connect to Microsoft Exchange.  Finally, my only option was to connect to my email account ( via manual settings through IMAP mail.  I don't know what the downsides are for not having Microsoft Exchange set up, but it wasn't too long ago that Microsoft forced the switch to the exchange (if I remember correctly).  As far as I can tell the IMAP settings are working, but there are no options to sync contacts, calendars, etc.  It was quite frustrating to waste hours today trying to figure out what was going on (and I still don't know other than a poor update).


    Any other ideas out there?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hi, simataas!


        Well this is interesting. Prior to your post, I hadn't heard of the issue. However, after doing some looking around online, I saw others that have reported the same thing. So far, there hasn't been an easy fix that I've seen. However, we recommend contacting Samsung directly to report the issue.

          • tronguy123

            At my work, which is heavily Exchange dependent, there's been a number (but not an infinite number) of complaints with the native Samsung email app since the Oreo update. Company IT has been suggesting that people move to Outlook app which, natch, works as advertised with Exchange.

            Some people really like the Samsung email; others like the Outlook interface. For various reasons I ended up with both apps before the Oreo update; they live with each other and don't interfere.

            I don't know if Outlook is free for non-commercial use. If you do decide to go the Outlook route, be very careful about letting it suck contacts off the phone; it's not cool to have all one's relatives' email, addresses, and such end up in the corporate email system!

              • theartiszan

                The Samsung email client is definitely better than Gmail with Outlook for sure. I was never a huge fan with the Samsung one due to the way some things in there worked.

                I have installed and used nine - email and calendar for over a year now. It works great and has a lot more options to it. I would say to give that a try. It isn't a free app but can try for free for 2 weeks. In my mind, it is worth the money.

                • simataas

                  tronguy123, I tried the Outlook app (which I dislike on phones) and of course it does function for email, but it does not appear to nor act like it restores the Microsoft Exchange account on the phone (Microsoft Exchange definitely does not show up under "Cloud and accounts").  The biggest difference I notice is that there are fewer syncing options without the Microsoft Exchange account established.  On the Samsung email app using IMAP settings only the standard folders (Inbox, Sent, etc.) can be set to a push sync.  Whereas prior to the Oreo update with a Microsoft Exchange account established, all folders, including custom folders, could have their sync settings adjusted.  Contacts, calendars, tasks & messages could also be synced as well.  Using the Outlook app with Oreo still does not restore the granular sync settings ( although there is an option to sync contacts), so I don't think it is connecting with an Exchange account either.


                  I also tried establishing a Microsoft Exchange account without going through any email app.  I deleted all accounts from all email apps and went directly to "Cloud and accounts" in settings.  I selected "Add account" and then "Microsoft Exchange Account" (which is still an option listed), but it just won't successfully connect on the Oreo OS.  It allows entry of one's Microsoft email and password, but results in the same error message every time: "Can't set up account / Unable to connect to server."  No, I don't think the Outlook app is connecting via the Microsoft Exchange because there is a fundamental issue with the new Android OS and this phone (Galaxy S8/S*+).

                    • tronguy123

                      FWIW, over the weekend I decided to ditch the Outlook app and go back to using the Samsung native app. Did so.

                      So, now the standard email app is running with two personal IMAP accounts and the work Exchange-based email, using the server.

                      It all works just fine-email, calendar app sync, and calendar tasks sync. So, if there's something about the S8 and oreo messing with Exchage. I'm not seeing it.

                      • tronguy123


                        Just read your email again in detail; sorry for the late reply.

                        First off: The Outlook app setup may not be set up correctly. There's a procedure; see Set up email in the Outlook for Android app - Office Support. That's on Microsoft's web site. Note that the procedure has one putting the full Exchange-based email address (; it's supposed to automagically forward you to your entity's sign-in page. If that's not happening, there's detailed procedures on that link for manually setting up the Exchange account. No offense, but have you tried any of that?

                        My company puts what looks like a direct knock-off of Microsoft's explanation of How To Do Stuff on their internal web pages; I had followed that a few months ago and had no problems getting the Outlook app set up.

                        I dunno. Using Outlook or Samsung's idea of email looks pretty much like a wash. On the one hand, Outlook does what one expects: There's ones email, threads and all, one can sync, it boops when needed, the calendaring, contacts, and tasks work as advertised, there's a "To-Do" app from Microsoft that makes putting in and clearing tasks easier than doing it directly with Outlook. Setting up calendar events has all the bells and whistles: One can make a calendar event private, public, business, etc, which isn't exactly in the Samsung stuff.

                        The Samsung email app is designed to integrate well with the Android ecosystem. If one gets a phone call, it looks up the caller in Contacts and tells one who it is; that's a bit problematical with the Outlook app, since the sharing between the contacts in Outlook and the contacts on the Phone/Google/Samsung/Whatever would have to be synced, and there's Issues about which app gets to pull in which other app's contacts, and in what direction, and if they stayed synced thereafter. It doesn't help much that every blame app that wants contacts is probably correlating with whom one is contacting for advertising and groups-of-people-privacy-violating purposes (think: Facebook). I like my phone, when it rings, to tell me who's calling, but it seems a bit easier to manage the cross-pollination with the Samsung email app alone.

                        In the end, I was running the local Samsung email app and Outlook, both, and that was just too much: They're just enough different in their finger-flick operation to make me keep on fumble-fingering the actions on both. So I ditched Outlook.

                  • iwillredpillyou

                    Honestly anyone using Microsoft Products in 2018 deserves their fate.


                    That being said--- the Samsung Email Client is fantastic. Or you could download KMail or BlueMail both of which work with any domain.

                    • magenta5522102

                      We are just starting to have users update to 8.0.0 on (mostly) Galaxy S7s, and Exchange accounts are breaking for us too!


                      Symptoms include emails stuck in Outboxes, the email client not syncing at all and, most horrifyingly, the email client choosing an old email at random and sending it to the recipients over and over again, for a total of around 350 times!!!


                      The stuck emails can eventually be sent manually by being persistent, the sync issue can be solved by deleting the account and starting over again (though I don't know if that's a permanent fix yet), but I have no idea how to solve the issue of the random old email sending, and am obviously hoping that it's a one-off in each instance that it's happened so far (only the two, thankfully)!

                      • simataas

                        I don't know what update fixed this issue, but it is fixed!  I was able to establish a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account again on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 8.0.0.  I tried contacting T-Mobile and I tried contacting Samsung and never got any answers (I found it difficult to communicate what the issue was in a way that could be completely understood - that the Oreo update disabled my Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account and IMAP & POP3 email setups lacked the syncing & notification capabilities that ActiveSync previously provided on Nougat).  Anyway, if anyone else has been having trouble getting notifications on their Microsoft Exchange email (including for multiple Inbox sub-folders as was my case), it seems a patch or fix was pushed through over the last few months without fanfare.  The notification push issue I was having was not dependent on what email app I used (e.g. Samsung email or Microsoft Office).


                        Microsoft_Exchange_ActiveSync (Phone).jpg

                        Here is what I did (which I also had tried months ago to no avail, but now it works).  First I uninstalled the Microsoft Outlook app entirely.  I probably just could have deleted my email from the Outlook app, but I elected to uninstall completely because I wanted to go back to the Samsung email app.  Then I deleted my email account from the native Samsung email app as well.  I rebooted my phone and then went to Settings ==> "Cloud and accounts" ==> "Accounts."  Then I selected "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, entered my email, password, provided permissions, and followed the prompts. Voila, this time the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account creation was successful.  In other words, I followed the normal process and now it just works.


                        Note: I also own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is working on it as well with Oreo installed.