Full bars with E instead of 4G


    Hello, I have been having this problem since the first day but I just didnt get the chance to ask. i always had E instead of 4G or LTE, it seems that I always have all 4 bars connection, but I just can’t get 4G or LTE unless I’m on the free way. by the way i have a iPhone5s If thats the problem.

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      • onesteeltank

        Re: Full bars with E instead of 4G

        The E stands for EDGE, or Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. It's basically a faster form of 3G. The reason you are getting that instead of 4G LTE is likely because you live in a rural area and/or a place where 4G LTE is not supported. When you get on the highway however, you are more likely to cross over a spot where 4G is supported. Also, the iPhone 5S only supports 2 of the 6 bands T-Mobile uses, which reduces the coverage even more.


        Hope this helped!

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          • dragon1562

            Re: Full bars with E instead of 4G

            Some of your information is incorrect. Edge is like 2.5G and came before 3g so it is slower. The stuff you said about the iPhone 5s is more or less true. aurange I am not sure of the location in question but the device you have is pretty old so it only supports bands 2 and 4. T-mobile improved coverage dramatically by using band 12 which is support from the iphone 6s onwards. Another band that is being used and ruled out is band 71. Band 66 really isn't that important since its ment for small dense areas. 4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile I linked the T-mobile coverage map so you can input the address in question. You will see that a link at the bottom comes up saying that this area needs a certain type of device and when clicked it will take you to a page that shows devices that support the coverage in that area.

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          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Full bars with E instead of 4G

            Hey, aurange!


            We really want to work with you to get to the bottom of why you're getting E instead of 4G or LTE. Can you please follow the link that dragon1562 provided and let us know what type of coverage area you're in?

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Full bars with E instead of 4G

              I agree Amanda. dragon1562 left a really helpful reply. Please take a look at that comment and let us know if you still have more questions. Thanks!

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Full bars with E instead of 4G

                Hi, aurange!


                It's been about a week since we last heard from you. Are you still having issues with your signal? If so, we'd love to help.