Problem with sending and receiving group messages when switching to a new OnePlus 5t


    I've been having a problem with group messaging as of late. I recently got a new phone and switched my SIM card over to it and have been using the stock messaging app, which has worked fine in every other aspect except whenever I send or receive group messages they are all sent individually. When I send a group message everyone gets it separately and when I receive them I get them as if by separate people as well, but they have the tag " <Subject: NoSubject> - " before each message and come from an individual sender as opposed to a group chat.


    I have already looked into the issue with most of the pointers being to simply enable the setting in the options, however, that option is not listed at all. Additionally, when I switch my SIM card back to my previous phone group messages continue to work as expected.


    Any help would be appreciated and I thank you all for your time in advanced.

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