S8 Active Oreo update


    When will the S8 Active get the Oreo update?

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      • okieotaku

        Re: S8 Active Oreo update

        Most likely within the next month, seeing as the S8 and S8+ have just received their updates. It's really hard to pin down using release date for software updates, especially major OS updates such as this. Even though the hardware is the same in the S8 Active as it is in S8/S8+, the software is slightly different. There reason being is due to the S8 Active's lack of a curved screen. This results in the software lacking the programming for anything related specifically to anything for the edges, such as additional software for a program that makes use of the curved edges. Similarly, the same reasoning goes for the Note 8 as to why it's also still in development. However in that case it's because of additional programming needed for the pen support. In both cases however, the reason it's sightly delayed being the S8/SIS+ is because those are the main and most popular versions of the S8 model family, and therefore get new updates released slightly sooner than the Note and Active variations of the S8 series. I hope that answers any questions you have regarding it

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