Tmobile gave me a promo code for registering on the website of C18SAMTRADE. However when I put that in it only brings up the Costco promotion which I didn't use. I ordered my phone directly through Tmobile.


    I called customer service and they gave me one more code to try which was TM98. That also did not work.


    Does anyone have a different code that they have actually registered with. I'm hesitant to mail in my S7 Edge until I know that I will get this $360 credit.




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      • tmo_lauren



        Looking at the promo details, it appears the code should have been applied at the time of purchase, not after. Have you already completed the purchase? Where did you purchase through?



        • mwittydenver

          The T-Mobile rep told me I could only put in that code after the 17th of March and once my new phone was activated which it was on the 13th. I just got off the phone with T-Mobile again and they're still saying there's been some confusion with the codes and I'll have to wait til next week to get the right code. It just seems odd to me that with such a big promotion on the S9, they would have the code tested prior to not have any issues.


          Not sure what to think now.....

            • tmo_lauren



              After looking at it more I found this:


              Trade-in required: Yes, trade-in must be attached to the order

              Must select "apply promotion" when processing customer trade-ins for customers who want to participate in this offer


              So your order would have had to be placed with a trade-in associated, and then when he process the trade-in the promotion has to be applied. Also looking at it, it does appear it's not listed as a 50% off offer, it's a $360 bill credit. Does this seem like the promotion you are referring to?



            • tmo_marissa

              Hey there, mwittydenver. Just wanted to check in here once more and see how things are going. I completely understand not wanting to ship in your S7E without making sure you're participating in the promotion. Lauren is correct, the promotional trade-in should have been created at the time that the order was placed. Did you order online or over the phone? Do you remember providing the IMEI of your trade-in device to the representative you worked with, or typing it in to the trade-in section of the website? If so, you may be able to print your trade-in label from MyT-Mobile! If you already have an RMA label (the trade in label that shows your trade-in device's make, model, IMEI, etc on it) and just want to make sure that you're trade-in is opted in to the promo, an internal team can check that for you if you Contact Us!

                • mwittydenver

                  Hi again,


                  Thank you for keeping in touch.  I did do the promotion which gave me the

                  $75 trade in order which they told me on the phone was also part of the

                  promotion. But what I can't get is the promo code to submit for the monthly

                  credit.  I did do my order online with no help from an associate.


                  They promised they would call me by this Tuesday with the correct code so

                  I'm hoping they do otherwise not sure what I will do!


                  Thanks again for keeping in touch, it is much appreciated.



                    • tmo_marissa

                      Aahh, gotcha. Well first off, I am *thrilled* to hear you say that you walked through the trade-in creation on the website when you placed your order -- there's not a way to make a trade-in after the fact, so that's awesome.


                      Please keep us posted on Tuesday with what you hear back. To my knowledge, the only time you'd need to file for the promo on the promo site was if you'd completed your order through Costco or possibly had a business account, so I'm definitely interested in what you hear back!