Not receiving random text messages



    I've noticed that every once in a while, I never receive a text message that someone sends me. It's hard to tell exactly when, but several people have told me that they've sent me messages that I've never received. This has been happening off and on at least since last December.

    I almost never use DIGITS, but I just checked it, and I noticed that the text messages that I never received on my phone also don't show up on DIGITS. This leads me to suspect that it's actually not a problem with my phone. I have a Windows Phone, which is what I thought was the problem, but I think if the problem were just my phone, the messages would show up in DIGITS, just like they do when my phone is off. I know at least one of the senders uses an iPhone, but I'm not positive about anyone else. I've never owned an iPhone, so it's not an iMessage issue. Also, my Lumia 950 does not have Wi-Fi calling (that I know of at least), so it seems like it's not a Wi-Fi calling issue either.

    I also tried looking on the text messages billing record, and it looks like I might have been billed for that message, meaning that the message really did get lost somewhere in T-Mobile's network.



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