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Promo from November 2016


    I have been a T-Mobile client for years.  I saw a promo November 2016 about a T-Mobile offer for a Samsung S7 for $100 and a $150 credit for sending in my Samsung Note4.  I called T-Mobile and the rep told me I qualified, had me go through all the forms and information, completed the agreement and said he shipped the S7 further noting I would be getting credit once I sent my phone in and I would get credit on my account for any payments I made on the S7.  I waited and no credits came from my exchanged Note 4 or the S7 in addition I was billed for the S7 every month and another extra phone line the rep added that I never wanted or used (starts in *** area code).


    I have several of the conversations I had with reps over the phone the last 1 1/2 years trying to resolve this. I also went, in person, to T-Mobile stores several times but nobody was able to do anything except 'make a ticket' and promise someone would call me.  The rep I spoke to today told me I am on the wrong rate plan for the promotion so the rep who told me I qualified and set this up November 2016 flat out lied to me to sell me a phone and stole my Samsung Note 4.  The Note 4 I sent back to T-Mobile is the one that was on my phone line (****) until November 2016 when I sent it to you.  The conversations clearly outline T-Mobile either intentionally cons customers to make sales or that T-Mobile is incompetent and lies to customers for years to cover up mistakes they made.  The recording that shows -order is the first and the others range over the last 14 months and note specifically what time on the recording the T-Mobile rep says I did get the promotion and promises to fix it, refund money, take care of this.


    I asked my lawyer to file suit against T-Mobile but he said to contact you first and see if there is any hope of a resolution.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Promo from November 2016

        Hey, robertdotcom!
        I'm so sorry for the delay in reply here. We branched your post from the closed thread it had been added to, which was about refunds, to give it a little more visibility, but it looks like it subsequently got lost in the shuffle.
        I did some digging to find the promotion you were referring to and I think it was the 2016 Samsung/LG Black Friday Offer. It looks like this ran from 11/24/16 to 11/27/16 and would have let eligible customers on T-Mobile ONE or a qualifying Simple Choice Unlimited plan with a qualifying unlimited data feature trade-in a qualifying fully owned Apple, Samsung, or LG phone from any carrier and then get a Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, or LG V20 for a pretty steep discount (up to free), depending on which device they traded in and which new device they were purchasing. That discount would have been paid out in Promotional credits, so you'd still see the EIP charges on your bill, but would also see an offsetting credit to reduce or absorb that charge.

        A year and a half is a crazy long time to have reached out regarding this without receiving the appropriate explanation. I wish I could speak to how we were able to miss that conflict when you reached out! I'm so sorry for the obvious frustration it must have caused to receive this explanation now, so much later.

        Since our Support Community is a public user forum, we're not able to take a look at the account and memos to determine where the ball got dropped in discussing these promo credits with you over the past 16 months. I'm not sure what options we'd have at this point to resolve this -- to be honest there's typically a window where customers are able to change to an eligible rate plan and resubmit for promo consideration, but I believe that at this point that escalation option has closed for this particular promotion. That said, if you're willing to reach out to our T-Force team via Twitter or Facebook I think it might be worth having a team with account access take a look and see what happened here and if there are any options we have to resolve the matter at this point. You can reach T-Force by using either the Twitter or FB link in my badge below.
        Thank you for taking the time to post in our Community. For our part, we appreciate the feedback -- promotions are a big incentive to customers and we've made a lot of efforts recently to make the process of reviewing eligibility easier for our Care teams by creating a new Promo Tool for our reps, but it definitely seems like we missed the mark here. We will absolutely forward the feedback about this experience.

        • joshwalther

          Re: Promo from November 2016



          That is terrible that T-Mobile did this to you.  Unfortunately, I was also scammed by T-Mobile on this same promotion.  I still have not received the $590 credit to which I am entitled.  I paid the $690 full price for the new Galaxy S7.  I traded in a Galaxy S5.  Additionally, the phone I wanted to originally trade in wasn't eligible because it had a cracked screen.  Therefore, I purchased a phone for $200 from an ad on Craiglist.  T-Mobile confirmed with me that they would accept the Galaxy S5 from any carrier.  Now, the answer I am receiving from T-Mobile representatives is that I won't receive the $590 because I didn't have the correct plan.  The only reason I purchased the Galaxy S7 and fought the Black Friday crowds was to buy the new phone for $100, as advertised.  I made it clear that I was interested in the $100 trade in promotion.  They took that old phone from me, yet they are not giving me the $590 they promised.  I am very unhappy with T-Mobile, and even though I have been a customer for over a decade, I plan to switch carriers because of this issue.  Additionally, contrary to what I have been doing for the past several years, I will no longer recommend T-Mobile to others.