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Whatsapp call became wifi calling


    i picked up an international calls via whatsapp but it ended up became wifi calling on my call history. I was told i will be charge $3 per min. Total $360...did anyone had similair experiences ? I had international call blocK And dont know how did it happen.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

        Hey there!


        Unfortunately if a call falls off the app server, it can transfer to a standard WiFi call and be charged.


        Have you already spoken to a rep to see what was going on with the international block not kicking in?


        Thanks so much!



        • tmo_chris

          Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

          Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help with this.

          • j.a.r.v.i.s

            Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

            jojochuk - WhatsApp calls should be data only, not a voice call - to my knowledge, there is no ability to hand a call over to Wifi.  I wouldn't think they hand off at all.   Now a WiFi call handing off to LTE, yes, but not between WhatsApp and a voice call (whether it's LTE or WiFi).  WiFi calls should be included for T-Mobile ONE plan, however some of the legacy plans do charge...


            Is it possible it was not a WhatsApp call?

            What plan do you have?  T-Mobile ONE international rates are much lower than $3/min, so I'm guessing you have a legacy plan.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

              Hey there.


              We do wanna make sure this is taken care of. Were you able to get a rep to look at the international blocking? Please let us know.

                • magenta4631794

                  Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

                  After being online for 2hrs and 10mins and a lot of arguments and getting the line transfered to supervisior , then I received refund.

                  This is how T-mobile is .....

                  i Have 8 lines with them but no help at all ....

                    • loudidntdoit

                      Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

                      Sounds to Me like they were of good help to you, You charged up a bill on a app owned by F-book and used thru the play store and

                      not t-mobile.agree the international block should have maybe worked, but then again you were on wifi so not sure. the one thing i would say

                      is that you are dissing t-mobile when,

                      A) the thread here shows concern and help was being given and you had no response to anything but your complaints

                      b) they credited your account for an app or whatever you claim did not work (hmm..)

                      c)if you are at $3 per minute then get off the phone for approx 2 hours that accumulated that

                      cost. or get a plan with your 8 lines that would help you so you can talk more freely.

                      Sorry just have to say T-mobile went above and beyond to accommodate you.

                      Kudos T-mobile! didnt have to do it...especially with no gratification back to you..


                  • magenta6945130

                    Re: Whatsapp call became wifi calling

                    I have a bill of $638.25 and $320.25 of international calls because my mother called my grandmother in Guatemala using whatsapp. This is so stupid. Are they going to charge when we use messenger too!!!! This can be right!! I am so sick of this company. You sure get what you pay for.