Samsung Galaxy S9+ Oreo 8.1 update? (need to solve Android Auto issues)




    I got my shiny S9+ two days ago and very happy with it although I have an issue with Android Auto.


    My previous phone, Galaxy S7, never had a problem connecting to my car using Android Auto. It worked from the beginning and no issues whatsoever.


    Now my S9+ refuses to connect with my car. Even manually launching Android Auto, the application still cannot register or recognize the car. The car also shows an error upon connecting the phone through USB (with or without Android Auto launched on the phone).


    Just in case I tried three different USB C cables, uninstall/install Android Auto, clean cache & memory, reboot the phone, change the phone USB settings (MTA, File Transfer, etc), nothing seems to work. Somebody suggested me to use USB developer mode but I doubt it'll fix this issue.


    I googled a little bit and found that Oreo 8.0 has issues with Android Auto that was fixed on 8.1. My phone currently has 8.0 so  I wonder if somebody knows when T-Mobile will update their phones to Oreo 8.1



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