Samsung Galaxy S9+ Oreo 8.1 update? (need to solve Android Auto issues)




    I got my shiny S9+ two days ago and very happy with it although I have an issue with Android Auto.


    My previous phone, Galaxy S7, never had a problem connecting to my car using Android Auto. It worked from the beginning and no issues whatsoever.


    Now my S9+ refuses to connect with my car. Even manually launching Android Auto, the application still cannot register or recognize the car. The car also shows an error upon connecting the phone through USB (with or without Android Auto launched on the phone).


    Just in case I tried three different USB C cables, uninstall/install Android Auto, clean cache & memory, reboot the phone, change the phone USB settings (MTA, File Transfer, etc), nothing seems to work. Somebody suggested me to use USB developer mode but I doubt it'll fix this issue.


    I googled a little bit and found that Oreo 8.0 has issues with Android Auto that was fixed on 8.1. My phone currently has 8.0 so  I wonder if somebody knows when T-Mobile will update their phones to Oreo 8.1



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      • theartiszan

        This all really depends on when Samsung will work on it. TMobile and the other carriers don't work on the updates or develop them. Only the manufacturers. I would bet it would probably be at least a few months before Samsung gets to it.

        • dragon1562

          Hmm I have never had this issue with my vehicle. I use a Ford Focus 2010 though so it may be different. If bluetooth is working that is great, I was also going to suggest using the Aux port. What exactly is this Auto you were referring to ?

            • jgirado

              I think your Ford Focus 2010 doesn't support "Android Auto". I believe you have Basic SYNC, and in order to use Google Android Auto in your car you have to have SYNC3 (for details go to SYNC® 3 plus Android Auto™ | Ford How-to Video   ). Not sure if you can upgrade.


              Android Auto (like CarPlay from Apple) allows a much better interaction between your cell-phone and your car. You can stream Pandora, Spotify, stored music, etc. with better audio quality than Aux port or Bluetooth and control it with your car knobs/dials/touch screen (or voice commands) without having to use your cell phone. You can have Google Map on your dashboard screen and control it too with your car or voice commands. Also, access to Google Assistant through the car's microphone and speakers, etc.  For details go to Android Auto


              Even having Bluetooth or Aux port, I still can't use Goole Map (GPS) with the dashboard screen and unfortunately, my car Navigation system is not very good. 


              As I said to theartiszan, for the time been until Samsung S9+ gets Oreo 8.1 I'll use a cheap cell-phone car holder and use Google Map in my cellphone.


              Hope it helps

                • dragon1562

                  Yea it did and that is super cool. I was just jazzed to have bluetooth and a aux port. I am only 21 so having this little focus is like a dream for me compared to the previous car i used to drive which was a 1991 Ford Mercury with 250,000+ miles. I hope it gets fixed soon since that is a awesome feature to have.

                    • magneto28

                      Love your optimism but I'd bet that it will not be coming for a long time the AVRCP 1.3 compatibility that Oreo 8.1 Developer Tools enables you to do is something Samsung has not supported since Lollipop/TouchWiz.  Kitkat/TouchWiz supported it but since then Samsung has opted not to care about it so most 2013 and older cars can't show metadata if it's a Samsung phone on an android version newer than KitKat (Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota and a few other cars are exceptions but Mazda, Fords and a few more don't display song info).  Oreo 8.1 forces Samsung to care about AVRCP 1.3 again, so fairly certain whenever it is they get it together for us then metadata info displaying in all cars should be a reality but it's gonna take probably a little after the new Note is launched later on this year for us to see it for the S9 family.

                • jgirado

                  Thanks for the tip! Very insightful!

                  • duhproject

                    After upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S8 to a S9+, Android Auto in my car has stopped working. I have a Kenwood KW-M730BT. It has worked flawlessly with my last two phones (S7 and S8), but refuses to work with the S9+. The Kenwood deck simply says UNSUPPORTED DEVICE. I have tried several different USB cables of various lengths and have even plugged directly into the deck instead of using the length extenders -- no dice. I have wiped it a few times with no luck.


                    Is there any official word when / if this will get fixed? I have read various posts around the Internet and many people seem to be having this problem with the S9s from T-Mobile. Oddly enough, it seems the AT&T one is okay.