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    We switched from Verizon to Tmobile. My wife carried S5 over. She is having issue send text message and attachments such as pictures. Is there something that was not done in the conversion while we were in the store that we can fix easily

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      • thelimerunner

        Welcome to the Magenta Family! Sorry to hear you're having hiccups! When moving over devices not originally designed for T-Mobile, they may not work properly, but that doesn't mean we're out of options!


        Do me a favor, and on your wife's S5, lets make sure her APN settings are updated correctly. They should be as follows:

        APN & data settings

        1. From any Home screen, tap Apps.
        2. Tap Settings.
        3. Scroll to 'NETWORK CONNECTIONS,'  then tap More networks.
        4. Tap Mobile networks.
        5. Tap Access Point Names.
        6. To reset your APN, tap the Menu icon and then tap Reset to default.
        7. If available, tap the T-Mobile US LTE APN (the bullet point fills with green).
        8. To verify your APN, tap T-Mobile US LTE with the bullet point filled with green.
        9. Verify and update the following settings for the Data APN:
          • Name: T-Mobile US LTE
          • APN: fast.t-mobile.com
          • Proxy: <Not set>
          • Port: <Not set>
          • Username: <Not set>
          • Password: <Not set>
          • Server: <Not set>
          • MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
          • Multimedia message proxy: <Not set>
          • Multimedia message port: <Not set>
          • MCC: 310
          • MNC: 260
          • Authentication type: None
          • APN Type: default,supl,mms OR Internet+MMS
            • Default Android provides a text field to enter: default,supl,mms
            • Samsung provides an Internet+MMS radio button to select.
          • APN protocol: IPv6
          • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
          • Turn APN on/off: APN turned on
          • Bearer: Unspecified
          • Mobile virtual network operator type: None
          • Mobile virtual network operator value: <Not set>
        10. Tap the Menu key in the top right.
        11. Tap Save.

        Once out of that menu, select the new APN you created, and have your wife try sending another picture message.


        Let me know if this was able to get the issue resolved, or if we need to do some more trouble shooting for you!



        Please note, that while I am a T-Mobile employee, the views and opinions expressed here may not necessarily reflect those of T-Mobile.

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        • dragon1562

          It is also worth noteing that her phone is pretty old and lacks support for some of the coverage T-mobile uses for their network. I agree that checking her APN settings is the best option first. If that resolves it than great, if not then I would try doing some trouble shooting. Like testing her sim in a t-mobile branded phone and seeing if texts send fine. You could also get a booster for the place in question if service is weak, since her phone doesn't support wi-fi calling.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey there! Just wanted to check in and see if the APNs above were helpful. How are things going for you with your wife's S5?