No 3G or 4G in big cities. No one could help me.


    I am a 2 year customer of T-Mobile and I need help with a major problem. Customer service technician hasn't helped.


    I don't get any 3G or 4G in big cities across the country. The problem started last October in New York. After arriving, all I got was 2G which couldn't even load a website. Even though the same day I had fast H+ speed in Texas. It used to work in Dallas last year, but now even there I only get 2G. I suspect there must have been a change in cell towers or frequencies.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Model number: SM-G610F/DS. The phone was purchased in another country.

    I live in Tyler, Texas, a smaller city, where I don't have a problem with connection. But that may also change soon.


    Is there anyone who can help? Is my phone simply not supported by any U.S. networks anymore? It is a new phone purchased last year. Does it operate on a frequency that's different from that of T-Mobile? I do have T-Mobile US LTE in Access Point Names, as well as many others. Customer technician tried to create an access point name, but nothing helped. If this phone is not supported, then why does it work perfectly in certain parts of the country outside big cities? Please help.

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      • dragon1562

        Its a hardware issue that no can fix. Basically the phone is not ment for USA use since it lacks the bands necessary to function on. You have been able to get HSPA+ in some places where T-mobile still has it up in running, because it had support for bands 2 and 5 on that technology. When it comes to LTE however based off of Samsungs site these are the bands that were listed B1 (2100MHz), B3 (1800MHz), B5 (850MHz), B7 (2600MHz), B8 (900MHz), B20 (800MHz). T-mobile uses bands 2,4,12,66, and 71 for their network so when buying phones in the future you should keep this in mind.


        As far as why it works in some country sides but not the big cities the answer is pretty simple. T-mobile like any cellular company only has so much spectrum they can deploy in a market. LTE is currently the most efficient way to meet consumers needs. I am sure you have read how Verizon and AT&T have also been repurposing their legacy networks and trying to push business clients over to LTE. T-mobile has simply been doing the same. They have to more so than the other two to meet the demands of their users and to help prevent congestion on the network. In doing so they are also improving operation costs.


        Hope the info helped and answered your questions/concerns and I am sorry to be the bear of the bad news. The good news is that T-mobile sells the same phone that has their network in mind and will work perfectly, although some of the specs may be different from the international one that you bought. If you really wanted to future proof yourself though I would go for something like the S9 since it has every wireless technology that is importanted supported inside. It is also a flagship so it will get better update support from a company like Samsung.

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          • washington4425575

            Thank you. I see. So my HSPA+ in this area which is still running will probably also be replaced by the new frequency in the near future, correct?

            As I have checked, other carriers also run on a frequency that is not supported by my phone. Metro PCS which uses T-Mobile will thus also not be supported right? I am happy with my phone and I would like to keep it. It's a new phone. I don't really need 4G LTE, I am fine with 3G. Is that also not going to be available?


            By the way, T-Mobile does list that they have Band 5 (850MHz) for 4G LTE. T-Mobile network

            Band 5 is also supported by my phone. While HSPA+ is listed under Band 2 section (1900MHz) which my phone supposedly doesn't support, yet I have been getting H+ here outside the big city.


            Is there really no chance for me to use this phone in this country? Not even possible with another carrier? I'd take 3G, HSPA...anything. Thanks

              • dragon1562

                Band 5 is listed for LTE with T-mobile. However, it is in very few markets. As time goes on all spectrum bands 2,4,5,12,66, and 71 will be repurposed for 4G LTE or 5G. Yes you can keep your phone and use it but don't expect to get anything close to the coverage you would have if you even had a phone with support for bands 2, and 4. Those two make up the bulk of T-mobiles network.


                Basically that phone is not ment for USA use, and no carrier is going to support it.

                  • washington4425575

                    Thanks. I can see that about 4G LTE. But what about 3G? That speed is fine for me, I don't mind paying for 4G data plan even if I can't use 4G, as long as I can use 3G. Is that possible? As I have checked, my phone supports the Band for 3G on T-Mobile and other US carriers. Yet for some reason, all I got in big cities like Dallas or New York was EDGE. Why not at least 3G?

                      • dragon1562

                        As I have explained earlier, you will get 3g/4g(HSPA+) in locations where it is running on band 5. Your phone is not ment for US use and thus your coverage experience regardless of carrier will not look like the coverage map. T-mobile sells the phone you have with the proper bands needed so you can enjoy fast LTE and not have to drop down to 2g so often. T-mobile primarily uses bands 2,4, and 12 your phone is missing all of those. Band 71 is being deployed now which they recently acquired and band 66 is being used in stadiums and airports to help with congestion during large events.