stolen phone want to forward calls

    How can I set up forwarding to another number so I can receive the calls that are attempting to come to my stolen phone

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      • dragon1562

        Manage calls: ALCATEL T-Mobile 768


        I am not sure what phone you have but this is a example that shows how to set up call forwarding on this phone and I would imagine it to be similar. If you could say what the device is I could be more specific. You could also just get the number transferred to a new sim and plop it into a phone that you own.

        • barcodeable

          Go to a T-Mobile store or call t-mobile directly.... explain your phone has been lost/stolen and start the process to cancel the previous simcard and get a new simcard and insert into another phone and start getting your calls immediately after .


          If you have email or other apps that have your personal and sensitive data you should look to immediately change your passwords. If you have an iphone you can erase the data on your stolen phone using another apple ipad,iphone using your APPLE credentials.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hey there! So sorry to read about your stolen phone!
            You'd want to Contact Us so that we can set up call forwarding for you since you're not able to follow steps on your device at the moment. One thing to bear in mind is that if you've temporarily suspended your line, you'll need to restore it. Another is that if you were attempting to use any device tracking services, they require that the phone being tracked have a data connection, so forwarding calls will not prevent that but activating a new SIM and placing it in a back-up phone will. Please reach out to one of our teams with account access ASAP so we can get you set up and take a look to see if you've got insurance on the line that you might be able to leverage to replace your phone. Crossing my fingers that you find it!