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    I am writing to notify you of my dissatisfaction with the service I have received this past week. On Monday I discovered that T- Mobile processed my payment twice. I understand that glitches happen. However, I was very disappointed in the run around that I received. I contacted T-Mobile on Monday about the double payment. I was told that I would have a refund issued by Friday at the latest. I contacted my bank and they informed me that if they received a written statement from T-Mobile stating that there was a double payment made and that it was ok for the bank to issue the refund. I then called T-Mobile back and gave the information needed for them to fax my bank. I was assured that the fax would be sent that Thursday morning. I called back that afternoon only to discover that the fax had not been sent. I was then told that it was being sent over a second time, it was STILL never sent. I called back the next morning and gave the information again and AGAIN was assured that the memo would be faxed. IT WASN'T!! I have had to go over a week without the funds in my bank. I feel as though there was no compensation of any kind offered for the inconvenience. I felt as though the representatives told me to basically just deal with it. They kept repeating that I would receive my refund within 3 days. It was more than 3 days. I have been a loyal customer for 13 years and I am truly disappointed in the service I have received in dealing with this matter. I don't feel as though the situation was resolved in a timely fashion at all. This occurrence has me seriously seeking out other options for my wireless carrier. A response or acknowledgement of this email would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Unreliable Customer Service

        Hey purple71180, I am sorry that you went through such a experience. I should start off by saying two things so your expectations are clear for everything that follows.

        1. This forum is mainly made up of your peers with a few T-mobile admin that help keep the site in order. As such no one on this site will have access to the account level to reimburse you ( I assume this is still ongoing)

        2. I am not sure I understand how the payment was made but I am going to assume it was some form of debt card.(If you can clarify that for me its appreciated).


        Anywho on to what I would do to get this resolved. I would try messing the T-force team over Social media like Facebook/Twitter. This way you can avoid having to repeat yourself over and over again, and there should be no confusion as to what you want. I would also make sure the charges were taken out twice, as I have had times where charges stayed in pending and I know there can be some confusion.


        I wish you luck in this matter but don't be too upset. I have had much worse happen when it comes to billing both from companies liek AT&T with wireless service and Google with their extra cloud storage.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Unreliable Customer Service

          This totally not the kind of service you should have received at all. Double charges aren't ever something we want you to have, but we should be able to resolve it in a timely fashion instead of having you just "deal with it." I do wish this had gone so much smoother for you but we do appreciate you coming here and telling us about your experience so we take that feedback on how we can do better. I do want to make sure this was resolved. Can you please come back and let us know if you got the help you needed with your account? Thank you.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Unreliable Customer Service

            Hi again!


            Just checking to see if you were able to get the help you need. Please let us know. Thanks.