Sprint Samsung S7 edge not connecting to T-Mobile network


    We had recently switched from Sprint (Mar 2018) and had BYOD- 2 Samsung S7 Edge phones. We are having this unique problem of either being able to connect to Internet (data) or connect to Phone (calls/text) but not both at the same time. We tried all options of setting up correct APN settings (fast.t-mobile.com and other settings), doing network reset etc.


    I see the issue being with Network type- Only types we have on our phones are CDMA, LTE/CDMA, GSM/UMTS and Automatic. T-Mobile is GSM based while Sprint is CDMA. I can have only calls go through if I set network type as GSM/UMTS and have only data work when using LTE/CDMA. 'Automatic' option is not helping. Both my phones still look new and are performing super well so I do not want to shell out hundreds of dollars buying new phones again. I want to give a last try before I shut my new T-mobile connections and switch over to another CDMA based carrier.  Did any other ex-Sprint users had the same issue with their S7 Edge phones? Please let me know how you had fixed it- that will be of great help. Thank you.

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      • thelimerunner

        It looks like the Sprint Galaxy S7 edges are unable to take advantage of Voice over LTE or VoLTE. Without that option calls would be routed over the 2G/3G/4G networks, and LTE would only be available for data.


        Unfortunately since those phones were not designed for use on the T-Mobile network, there is little T-Mobile can do to assist with making them work.

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          • raghavrocks

            Thank you @thelimerunner for your response. I agree there is no way to get VoLTE on my phones. I will look for other Sprint/CDMA options. Boost mobile looks promising but will do enough research this time before switching to avoid the same experience again. Unfortunately, when I checked prior to switching over, I did give IMEI info and other details online and was told that these phones were compatible. A small note mentioning issues with CDMA phones especially when they see "Sprint" as my current provider may have helped me back then. Hope at least this discussion on the forum will help future potential customers take note and act accordingly (either get a new phone or not to switch using existing phone).

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          • dragon1562

            It is a compatibility issue, as mentioned by another on the forum. Basically the phone itself has the potential to work, but the software/firmware on it is the limiting factor. You can thank Sprint for that one. Your going to need a new phone that is ether Factory Unlocked from Samsung(US Varient) or just to buy a T-mobile branded device.

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            • thelimerunner

              The phones are compatiable with the network, they just won't work perfectly. They support LTE for data, and have the WCDMA/GSM (2G,3G,4G) fall back for voice and text. So they do work 0n the T-Mobile network, they just don't support all of the features properly, which is to be expected when using a phone designed for a different carriers network.

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                • raghavrocks

                  Yes got it. Thanks for the confirmation.

                  • raghavrocks

                    Hi, I found a reasonable solution in another thread in T-Mobile forums

                    where someone had a similar issue when they switched from att network.


                    There is this app available called 4G switcher. Just install the same and

                    it is very easy to switch between different network types without

                    restarting the device.


                    Like most of the time when I'm using phone for making and receiving calls

                    and texts set the network type to 'gsm only'. To use 4g internet, change

                    the setting to LTE/CDMA or any of the other LTE options. Once I'm done

                    using internet change the setting back to gsm only.


                    It all happens with just click of a button rather than the complex way of

                    going to settings->connections->mobile networks and changing the network

                    type there followed by restart of the phone every time the settings are



                    This app is very helpful and a very good alternate for people bringing out

                    of network phones to T-Mobile.

                  • kia123

                    I just switched from Sprint and was able to connect my Samsung Edge S7 to T-MObile.


                    At first I had issues saying that my t-mobile sim was "not valid" sim card--This was after I ended SPrint service and called 4 representatives to confirm that my samsung s7 edge was UNLOCKED by sprint system.So I called Sprint and T-mobile again about why it won't accept my t-mobile sim (they kind of blamed the unlocking issue on eachother), and I even went to purchase an unlocking service which required me to download an unlocking file that was 2 GB large, but I chickened out thinking it was a scam- got my refund. I also rebooted my samsung edge 3 times. I even called different t-mobile stores to find out if anyone had the expertise to "flash" my phone or get my t mobile sim to work. I was told that my CDMA network (originally sprint) is not compatible with GSM network (t-mobile). Blah blah blah, whatever that meant, they were pretty much telling me that the way the phone was built was not compatible between carriers. So....


                    after looking at some forums for 4 hours, I followed these steps and then I was able to get my t-mobile sim to work on my former SPRINT samsung edge S7 phone:


                    go to SeTTINGS

                    Click on SYSTEM UPDATES

                    select UICC UNLOCK


                    after that, a message will pop up and say that the phone is unlocked and compatible with other UICC carriers. the phone should restart and your t-mobile mobile data bar should appear.


                    Hope that helps.