Streaming over hotspot works with Netflix but not DirecTV NOW


    Signed up for T-Mobile One, according to T-Mobile One documents all streaming services are available for Binge On even over shared connection, allowing T-Mobile One customers to stream on their TV devices as well as handsets/tablets without using their data - we never had a problem streaming Netflix on the XBOX One even when on Simple Choice (6GB) plan, Netflix never used our data and still doesn't.


    However, we have DirecTV NOW service, and when we try to stream on the TV it acts as if it is connected using the standard hotspot speeds (512kb/3G), but if we switch back to Netflix it streams without issue at 4G LTE speeds. If we stream DirecTV NOW on our handsets using the app or website it streams fast, at 4G LTE speeds.


    My question is why is the T-Mobile service not recognizing DirecTV NOW as a streaming service when using the included stream over hotspot feature, when Netflix and Amazon Video work perfectly. According to the Binge On page (Binge On | Stream Unlimited Video without Using Your Data | T-Mobile ) DirecTV NOW is included in the services which qualify. What gives?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately TVs are not guaranteed to be optimized.  I'm going to copy and paste some policy below because it says it best:


        Optimized video and free video streaming benefits are Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (SMHS) compatible with smartphones, tablets, and mobile internet devices tethered to a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. No other devices are currently supported (such as gaming consoles, smart TVs or streaming sticks) due to the way they receive video streams, making it difficult to distinguish the content from other data traffic.


        It sounds like the way your TV is receiving DirecTV Now from the console, it can't distinguish it as something to be streaming optimized. It should work on most things, but we don't currently have support for gaming consoles, smart TVs or streaming sticks.



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          • cigarguypaulie

            That makes sense – our Netflix service we changed the settings to stream at DVD quality from within the Netflix account settings, unfortunately the DirecTV Now service doesn’t provide this option. I am going to try to set our Roku to steam at a lower rate and see if this fixes the issue. BTW if anyone is interested in accessing the data transfer settings on a Roku do the following:


            Press Home button 5 times, followed by the Rewind button 3 times, followed by the Fast Forward button 3 times – this will give you access to the data transfer setting menu and allow you to select what rate to process data.


            Hopefully this works for us, otherwise I guess we’ll have to look into miracast options when we want to stream to the TV.