iPhone 7 Plus from Verizon now on T-Mobile - coverage issues


    I've recently switched to T-Mobile and and am finding fairly significant differences in coverage in my urban areas between T-Mobile and Verizon.  I've read a little how Verizon phones in the model range I have don't support certain LTE bands (66 and 71) and am wondering if that is the problem.  In many buildings (areas where I got great service indoors), i literally get nothing on T-Mobile anymore.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Ah that's rough, but we can take some steps that may help. Have you used our coverage map to see what coverage you're expected to be getting? Is this only happening in buildings or even outdoors? I've seen some cases where using a Non-T-Mobile phone can be hit or miss with service, but I'm curious if this may be isolated to a certain area.

        • dragon1562

          Your phone has support for all the bands that matter currently. Band 66 is only really used at concert venues, stadiums , airports, etc. Band 71 is still in the early stages of being depend. Not sure where you are located so I can not say how much of a impact this will have on you. I would like to know how coverage is outside. You mentioned having poor service indoors, which is something that is typical of any carrier. I.e maybe the Verizon tower in that market was set up just right to service in that building.


          It is also worth noting that any location that has a wifi connecting can be used as a extension of coverage using wifi calling. That will allow you to place phone calls, send texts, and browse the web per the usual means. I suggest checking the coverage map which was mentioned to get a better idea of what you should expect in certain areas with T-mobile.