Why was my iPhone order cancelled?


    Placed an order on 02/27 for a Rose Gold iPhone 7+ to take advantage of the "2018 Q1 Apple Trade In Offer" in a retail store. The phone was scheduled to take up to 2 months to ship so we have been waiting with no updates since. Today I just called in to verify that we wouldn't have any issues redeeming the promotion even though the phone still hasn't arrived and I was told that the order had actually been cancelled and they couldn't tell why.


    I did NOT cancel this order.

    I did NOT get an email saying the order was cancelled - only the email stating the order was placed.

    The credit card for the order was and still is valid.


    I would like to know what happened and will I be able to get the $277 off a new phone I was expecting ever again...

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Why was my iPhone order cancelled?

        Wow, that is really strange. I don't see we have any reports of orders just canceling. Sorry we didn't give you a reason why it was canceled but I'm pretty sure your account can be looked at again to see if there are any clues as to what may have happened. When did you last speak to our Care folks? You could try reaching out to our T-Force team through the Facebook on Twitter links on our Contact Us page. I'm sure they can take a look at this further and hopefully shine some light on this.

        • dragon1562

          Re: Why was my iPhone order cancelled?

          Since this is a account related issue you will have to work with the T-force team. You said you were not having much luck on the phone so I would try messaging them on Social media instead. Many users on this forum have had better luck when going this route. T-mobile can be reached over Facebook or Twitter.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Why was my iPhone order cancelled?

            Hi again!


            Have you had the change to reach out to our Care or T-Force team? Please let us know if you got this resolved. Thanks.