2018 Q1 Apple BOGO -  Denied saying that Invalid trade-in device (iphone 5s)


    Sent the Iphone 5S 16 GB Silver Tmobile- unlocked device.  as per UPS tracking number it reached on 02/02/2018  9:23 AM.

    Created handset research request and got the answer on 03/08/2018 saying that we received the device in our warehouse on 02/08/2018.

    on 03/13/2018 rebate was denied saying that in-valid trade-in device.

    when i call to rebate department to find out the issues they told me that in system it showing as you sent the samsung s4 mini that is invalid device.

    but i sent the Iphone 5S that confirmed by the handset research request.

    IMEI # is unique for all device and as per IMEI # its iphone 5S 16 GB silver device.

    i don't know whats wrong going on and what to do and how to get it corrected.

    i submitted the request on 01/29/2018 and after so much wait time i got answer that its denied that not good at all.


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