Ported a line from Verizon to my business account and no SMS




    I ported a line over from Verizon to my T-Mobile business account on Friday, March 9, and this user still can not receive or sent any SMS messages. All phones on my account are unlocked Android phones, and this user is using a brand new Moto X4 (not the only one on my account), and no SMS. When you try to send one it fails immediately and none are received. Voice and LTE data are working just fine. I spent 45 minutes on the phone yesterday and got transferred 4 times, to finally be told they did a "re-broadcast" and I was to wait 24 hours and I would receive a text message and all would be working again. Well this has not happened and still no SMS.


    I checked all the APN settings and they are all correct, although I've never had to mess with the APN settings when putting a T-Mobile SIM in an unlocked phone.


    Any ideas, because my employee needs SMS and next thing is to port back to Verizon.

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