Moving to Canada in a few months, how do I leave?


    Hello all!


    As sad as I am to be leaving T-Mobile after so many years, I'm going to be moving to Canada from the US in June and am looking for ways to ease my transition there. Basically, my question is: how do I leave T-Mobile?


    I'm currently on the Simple Choice North American plan, which allows me the same use of my phone north of the border as it does here, but I'm sure T-Mobile wouldn't be happy if I continued roaming on multiple networks permanently, and I wouldn't be able to access the same support networks up there if I was in the U.S. Also, I still have 8 remaining payments on my JUMP! On Demand lease for my iPhone 6s.


    Basically, what are my options here? How do I end my relationship with T-Mobile? Am I given the option to buy out my phone and give it to a Canadian provider to activate, and how much would that cost? If that cost is too high, do I have the option to turn in the phone before I leave?


    Thanks all!

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