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    About a year ago i purchased a new $850 s8 within 3 months the phone gave out, they gave me the option on purchasing a new phone (after throwing them $850 dollars not including the overpriced accessories to protect it from damage) so i went with the warrently, they send me a refurbished phone (meaning its a used defective phone they supposedly fixed) this refurbished phone also stopped working. Mind you i keep up with my updates and there was no damage to the phone, the system sucks. 16 days ago i purchased a new 800 dollar phone, the system was defective but since its 14 days after the return date there is nothing they could do? To the phone i iust bought and spend $800 on. They said i could either buy a new phone a get a referbished one only after paying the warranty fee. I hate this company, they dont care about there customers. Dont give them a chance.


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      • jtschwa

        Re: Refurbished phone complaint

        I'm really sorry to hear two phones are not performing as expected. I definitely want to be able to help regarding this. Please tell me a little more about what is happening. What is not working properly? What action are you performing that is failing and what is the expected outcome. Is it the same problem on both phones?

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Refurbished phone complaint

          Hey, gettingtothebottomofit! It's frustrating to have to replace a device, but I can definitely appreciate that this frustration doubles when you have to do it a second time. What's going on with your new phone? Is it also an iPhone? We've made some changes to the warranty process for Apple devices over the past year and warranty exchanges within the first 12 months are often handled by Apple directly (plus many of our customers now have AppleCare+ with their insurance programs), is that the fee you're mentioning, or did you switch to an Android device?
          If you don't mind letting us know a little more about what's going on with the new phone and what troubleshooting you've already attempted, we'd love to try to help get it working from here, or see if there are any next steps we can offer. We understand that devices these days are a big financial commitment -- having one stop working so soon after you purchase it isn't the experience we want for any customer.

          • gettingtothebottomofit

            Thank you for your concern. It is extremely stressful that i have supported tmobile for 5+ years and they manage to do this time and time again. I understand that the phones may come with defects but i intrusted my money in this company. The phone is a galaxy s8. The phone had been working wonderfully for the first two weeks as soon as the 14 day hit oddly they phone became slower and glitchy. I was up to date with all the updates and i dont have any othrr apps other then what the phone comes with. The 16th day ir turned itself off with a full battery. I tried holding the volume down button and power button for 30 seconds and then for 4 minutes, nothing happend. I took it into my local t-mobile store and the only thing they could do is process my warrently so i can essentially pay for a refurbished phone (a phone that was defective and fixed and then given back to me) at this point im am speaking with the manufacturers and seeing what they can do for me

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Refurbished phone complaint

                That's such a bummer to read, and it sounds like the timing was absolutely awful. In my experience the manufacturer will typically have you ship your device to them, then examine it for defect, etc, and either repair or replace it and ship the repaired/new phone back. This is definitely the way to work with the folks who know the device best, although I know the timeline can be a bit rough. The reason we offer our supplemental warranty program and honor the manufacturer's warranty is primarily to help cut down on that wait time (but the fee charged to maintain that warranty program is something I understand feels like an extra burden right now).
                I sincerely hope you are able to get a resolution with the manufacturer directly that feels more appropriate for you.

                Just in case you're open to more troubleshooting, it sounds like you tried to complete a soft reset using the buttons -- did you have a chance to try a Master Reset using the hardware keys? Disclaimer: this will remove any data you had on the phone and take it back to factory settings -- but on the other hand, it might be the thing that gets the phone running like normal again, so maybe worth a shot if you hadn't tried it yet!